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Growing up with a family business in the beauty industry, I’ve always had an obsession for cosmetics. Over the years I’ve tried hundreds of different make up brands, however I’m yet to tire of discovering new companies and products. I particularly love the excitement of opening a new box of eyeshadow. I definitely think there’s an art behind experimenting with the different colours and palates there are into creating your own look for the day.

On my latest trip to the Urban Retreat at Harrods, I was able to try the beautiful products made by Hourglass Cosmetics for the first time! Asides from my love of make up, I was instantly captivated by the design of their different powder palates. Each one is presented like a piece of artwork in itself, and have unique marbled patterns and colours that flow effortlessly into one another. I was so excited to try out their beautiful products, especially as I was fortunate enough to be the first to try their Modernist Eyeshadow Palette in ‘Obscura’ before it was available for purchase!


IMG_7403s IMG_7400s IMG_7398s


I was so grateful to have been shown the brand by the talented make-up artist, Carla Francesca, whom it was a real pleasure to meet. She has been working with the brand for three years, and has been a make up artist for six. During my time with her, she showed me two classic looks for daytime and evening. Both are featuring the new Modernist Eyeshadow Palette, which I’ve truly fallen in love with.


Above: Carla Francesca

Look 1 – Daytime / Natural:

IMG_7361s IMG_7362s IMG_7360s IMG_7350s


Hidden Concealer – Pearl

Ambient Lighting Powder – Luminous Light – Champagne Pearl

Ambient Lighting Blush – Diffused Heat Vibrant Poppy

Modernist Eye Shadow Palette – Obscura Earth Tones

Mascara – Film Noir

Arch Brow Pencil – Dark Brunette

Extreme Sheen Lipgloss – Truth Sheer Rose

Look 2 – Evening / Smokey Eye:

IMG_7379s IMG_7380s IMG_7375s IMG_7374s IMG_7391s

Products – as before, plus:

Darker Shades from the Modernist Eye Shadow Palette – Obscura Earth Tones

Mechanical Gel Eye Liner

Femme Nude – No. 2 Honey Beige Nude


The quality of their cosmetics is unreal. I know I’ve already shared that I’m in awe of their eyeshadows, but I have to mention them again. Asides from the beautiful designs of their palates, their stunning colours are highly pigmented. This is so important, as we’ve all had those times when you buy a new eyeshadow that looks great in its packaging, but goes unnoticed on your skin.

Blending the colours of their eyeshadows into any look is like a dream. The strength of each colour makes them perfect for creating a classic smokey eye or daytime look, as you only need a small amount of powder to brush lightly onto each lid. The softness of their brushes allows you to continually blend each colour into one another effortlessly, as you can see above. The brushes are a miracle. They are honestly the softest I’ve ever used, and are something I’ve been raving about tirelessly to all of my friends and family since.

When you’re next at Harrods, you really must experience Hourglass Cosmetics at the Urban Retreat – and of course make sure you book in with Carla! For more information, please visit:



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