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On my latest trip away, I visited Scotland! My best friend since childhood is studying at university in Edinburgh, so I thought it would be a great excuse for me to travel up there and visit the beautiful area. This was my second trip ever to Scotland, and I’ve already fallen in love with it. Asides from the freezing weather causing me to walk around in three coats (which I did not enjoy as I hate the cold), I could not fault this city. It was only a short trip this time, but it nonetheless gave me a good opportunity to photograph some of the surroundings and share some of my favourite parts of the landscape.


Architecture is always something that fascinates me, even though I know so little about it. When I picture my dream home, I’m often torn between whether I’d prefer an ultra-modern building, or something old and original. There’s something I deeply love about minimalism, but I’m always drawn in by the intricate details and character of an old build. I found all of the buildings in Edinburgh so beautiful, from the simplicity of the stone to the thin framed windows. I even got so lost in admiration of the castle, that I accidentally ended up there when walking around, and got completely lost in the middle of the city.

I was lucky enough to be staying in the beautiful Caledonian Waldorf Astoria, which itself is a lovely building. It actually used to be a train station! I definitely felt blessed staying in such a wonderful place.

IMG_7236s IMG_7248s


I also travelled up to Edinburgh with my mum who has an interest in history, so she was very excited to go on one of the cities famous ghost tours. Although I find things like that terrifying, she somehow managed to persuade my friend and I to go with her! I was genuinely scared for the majority of the tour, but it was very entertaining, so I would recommend trying it if you’re ever in the area.

IMG_7167s IMG_7207s


Asides from walking around and enjoying the sights, I also managed to take some time to explore the shops – which could have easily been quite dangerous as there were so many things I wanted to buy. I did however manage to control myself, and walked away with a couple of nice new shirts from The Kooples. When it came to my outfits for this trip, I didn’t really dress up too much, as I was just far too cold! I just based my style on keeping casual and comfortable, so that I was able to bare the weather.


Outfit Details:


Jeans – ZARA (similar here)

Coat – FRENCH CONNECTION (similar here)

Boots – ZARA (similar here)

Bag – BURBERRY (similar here/here)


Lastly, and by no means least, I also made the most of my trip by trying lots of delicious food. The first mention, however, isn’t one particularly linked to Edinburgh. I have a real sushi obsession, and no matter where I am, always manage to find myself in a Yo! Sushi. The food is so fast, fresh and faultless, perfect for a busy day. So, although it’s a chain restaurant, I thought it was worth mentioning, as this particular store was new to Edinburgh. I also felt like trying something new off of their menu, so enjoyed their Kaiso and their Aubergine salad. They were both amazing, so definitely try them when you’re next there.

I also happened to have the best green curry I’ve ever eaten at Thai Orchid. It was just so delicious, creamy and rich. I loved it, I would eat it over and over again if I could. The service was great too, and all of the staff were really friendly and helpful. This is a place is a definite must for anyone visiting Edinburgh, and of course you have to try that curry! It’s called Gaeng Pak. Apologies for the poor quality picture, but I do have to share with you an image of this amazing dish.



I had such an amazing stay in this city, and am already making plans for my next visit!




  1. i love this post ! I saw your post on HCBN and I came over to your blog to leave some love. I was intrigued by this post in particular as I’ve always wanted to go to Scotland. You have a beautiful way with word my dear! Xxoo Sara Magnolia

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