travel diaries: florida – a past adventure

As the summer draws closer, I find myself dreaming more and more of tropical holidays. A place I think of frequently at the moment is Florida. A state I’ve now visited twice, I can easily say that I’ve spent some of the happiest times of my life there so far. This area has left me with some of the most beautiful memories that I know I will always carry with me.

So, in light of my recent and frequent Florida daydreams, I thought I would share with you one of the travel diaries from my last visit. During this stay, I spent time in three beautiful, iconic areas: Fort Lauderdale, Miami and Key Largo.


America is the land of my dreams. After a just one trip to Florida, the Sunshine state, I was captivated by its magic.


After planning a new adventure in my life, I decided to visit three key areas within the region: Fort Lauderdale, Miami and Key Largo. Within the blink of an eye of booking my trip, I had landed in Miami, en route to Fort Lauderdale. This was an area that felt like home to me, a place I felt I had already been before. No words could describe its beauty. Each morning I awoke to the view of the ocean, something I could only fantasise about back home. My love for America is something I just can’t describe, and my time spent in Fort Lauderdale only made my heart grow fonder of the place.


Fort Lauderdale allowed me to unwind, either visiting the local Sawgrass and Galleria malls, spending every last penny in the beautiful stores, or simply laying by the pool of the dream worthy Westin hotel. The staff catered to my every need and informed me of the best attractions in the area, creating a vibe of complete comfort and ease. This was truly somewhere I never wanted to leave.


However, next came Miami. The iconic city is bursting with vibrant nightlife, buzzing energy and even more stores. Collins Avenue had to be the main shopping attraction during my visit there, closely followed by the Bal Harbour mall. A short journey away from Collins Avenue, this mall is an area filled with decadence and luxury. With stores oozing with diamonds from Van Cleef & Arpels to Tiffany & Co., Bal Harbour is certainly the shopping destination made from every girl’s dreams.


I stayed in the stunning Loews hotel, a building as high as the clouds, with an expansive view of the city. Although in a prime location, the hotel gave me an escape into peace and quiet, much need after a busy day amongst the crowded streets. Just feet away from Miami beach, I was able step into the oceans clear water on an almost empty area on the beach, free to delve into the waves, in complete relaxation. After a few days here, I felt revived, and excited to embark on the next part of my journey.


My last visit was then to Key Largo, an area with the most picturesque sunsets and tropical vibe. Staying here was like being transported into another world. After a long drive, I arrived at the Hilton Hotel, where each day was spent simply watching the waves crash softly against the shore with only the occasional fish flying out of the water. Time felt still here, and passed unnoticeably in front of your eyes, without a single care in the world. The wildlife, the people, the surrounding elements were all complete relaxation.


My time spent here was pure bliss and somewhere I felt completely free. In such a tranquil area, you couldn’t help but adore its beauty. Time here is all about enjoying what the natural world has to offer, watching the clouds go by and spending hours out on boat trips on the calm sea, searching for the local family of Manatees.


As my trip drew to an end, I had fallen deeply in love with Florida. Amongst the Sunshine State, in the Land of Dreams, I left a piece of my heart buried behind me beneath the sands, hoping to someday return and rediscover it. However, until then I am simply content with my idyllic memories.


I cannot wait to return there one day, and I hope this post has inspired you to travel somewhere new. Have you ever been to Florida? Where did you stay? If you’ve never been, feel free to comment about some of your favourite vacations, as I would love to know about any past adventures you’ve had!



Below is a photograph I took of one of Key Largos beautiful sunsets.





  1. I’ve been to Florida once and I think it’s by far my favourite trip! There’s everything you need for a perfect holiday. I was at Orlando and I love the theme parks and factory outlets. Then I went to Sebastian and the beaches were amazing! 🙂


  2. Hahahaa, America is the place of my dreams too!! The city I live in is so beautiful come any season (except winter, unless you happen to REALLY enjoy snow). But Florida is absolutely gorgeous too, especially through your picture and words!!! I am in awe over that photo!

    1. It’s such a beautiful place! Haha, I love snow but can definitely have had enough of it after a while in winter! Thank you so much for your kind words, I’m really glad you like my photo! 😀

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