taste test: st. dalfour jam

As a child, there was nothing I loved more than jam. With my sweet tooth, anything sugary and fruity made my heart content. Most days I enjoyed toast or crumpets lavished in raspberry jam for breakfast, or in the summer, scones piled high with different jams for afternoon tea.

Nowadays, as my interest has turned towards more natural foods and products, I thought that jam be something I’d have to sacrifice. Not being a fan of refined sugars or artificial sweeteners, I thought it would be impossible to find a jam without either. However, this was until the day I discovered St. Dalfour! It happened by chance while browsing, and I discovered the beautiful, traditional bottles packaging their delightful spreads. As I turned to look at the ingredient label, I was so happy to realise that their conserves contained only fruit – the way all fruit spreads should be!

Excited to relive my childhood memories, I was quick to purchase and delve into the bottles of my two favourite flavours: raspberry and apricot. Light and sweet, these jams tasted just as I remembered – even though naturally made. With strong flavours of fruit, I knew I could happily snack on these delicious delights all day every day.

After the success of the first two jams, I was eager to try out their other flavours, so rushed to try their black cherry and orange & ginger next. Nothing beats the taste of a rich cherry jam with succulent whole cherries running through it – and St. Dalfours had plenty! It had to be the best cherry jam I have ever tasted, and was by far a new favourite. I then chose their orange & ginger as I was intrigued by the combination of ingredients. I had only ever tried marmalade before or ginger spread, never the two combined. It was absolutely unbelievable! Rich with sweet citrus notes, and a subtle heat from the ginger, it had to be the perfect flavour combination. I was totally in love. After trying these four, I’m eager to continue trying their endless amount of flavours.

These jams are completely life changing. Perfect with my recipe for crêpes, sandwiched between a sponge cake, or as a topping for english muffins, St. Dalfour truly make the best spreads known to man. I can’t wait to enjoy these jams for a long time to come. Widely available across the UK, I must urge you to try their delicious creations!

Now, as I said above I have a new favourite flavour of jam: black cherry. What’s your favourite flavour? I would love to hear!

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8 thoughts on “taste test: st. dalfour jam

  1. Orange and ginger sounds outstanding. Thanks for the review! I love those spoons.

    1. It’s amazing, Linda! Thank you so much 🙂

  2. I love St. Dalfour! Everything they make is such high quality and so beautiful!

    1. Me too – definitely! Everything they make is so delicious! 🙂

  3. Thank you for this information. Jam is one of the items I most miss having given up sugar as part of my new “fighting acid reflux” diet. Now I can enjoy it once again. Val

    1. That’s okay, I’m so glad it helped you! 🙂 their jams are amazing, so I hope you like them! Good luck on your diet, I hope it all goes well 🙂

  4. I thought jam is something I have to sacrifice as I’m moving away from sweet stuff. Till I discovered St Dalfour. My favourites are Wild Blueberry and Orange & Ginger. Just love them😊

    1. St Dalfour is so amazing isn’t it! Thank you for your comment Valerie 🙂

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