taste test: ombar chocolate

Happy Chocolate Week! It’s officially one of my favourite weeks of the year, and I’ll be celebrating by eating a lot of chocolate. To kick off this weeks celebrations, I wanted to share with you a taste test I did for the chocolate brand, Ombar. Recently, I was sent a box of all of their delicious chocolate bar flavours to try and share with you in a review. I’ve been enjoying Ombar chocolate (on an almost daily basis) for over a year now, so being able to write about all of their different flavours was something I was really excited for.

taste test: ombar chocolate

Their packaging is so beautifully done, and the colours used on each bar represent their flavours perfectly. The design of each bar is so eye-catching, and really highlights the quality of their product. With raw cacao, natural ingredients and no refined sugars or dairy, this product is the epitome of what real chocolate is to me. With 9 flavours available, I couldn’t wait to dive into each packet. I already had a few favourite flavours of their bars, but I was definitely looking forward to eating some of their other varieties that I was yet to taste.

taste test: ombar chocolate

As a total chocoholic, I’ve tried many different brands of chocolate, and I even have my own recipe for it to make from scratch at home. However, I can safely say that Ombar produce my absolute favourite brand of chocolate to date. Each bar has its own distinct flavour, and a really smooth and creamy texture. They also have a great snap, and manage to keep this consistency, even at room temperature!

taste test

taste test: ombar chocolate


As the darkest of their varieties, this bar has the most intense flavour of cacao. The cacao origin is Ecuador, which I find has the strongest and fruitiest flavour out of all of the cacao varieties I have tried. As it contains a cocoa content of 90%, the sweetness is subtle, allowing you to enjoy more of the cacao’s own natural flavour. The cacao in the bar creates a nice, slightly bitter taste in your mouth which adds to the richness of the bar, so you don’t need too much of it at a time. You also get a good caffeine buzz after eating it!


Although this bar is only 18% lighter in cacao than their 90% bar, there is quite a big difference in taste between the two. Still carrying the bold cacao flavours of the 90% bar, the 72% has carries more sweetness, so you’re able to enjoy it in greater quantities than you would the 90% (unless you like your chocolate really dark). This bar has to be my favourite out of their range, as it’s balance between darkness and sweetness is perfect for me. It’s texture is also incredibly smooth, and it manages to melt away in your mouth almost instantly.

cranberry and mandarin

I absolutely adore this flavoured bar. I have always enjoyed the taste of orange in chocolate, as I find that citrus flavours really work well with chocolate. This bar in particular, takes my love of citrusy flavours to the next level. The combination of cranberry with mandarin was something I had never tried before, and it was so incredible. The two flavours create this perfectly refreshing burst of citrus, which combine with the cacao’s fruitiness to make a deliciously flavoursome chocolate. If you enjoy orange chocolate, you will definitely become obsessed with Ombar’s cranberry and mandarin.

strawberry mylk

Unfortunately, as I’m sure I’ve told you before – I’m allergic to strawberries! So, as I was unable to try this flavour, I asked my mum to try it for me. Strawberries are her favourite fruit, so when I told her about this flavour she couldn’t wait to try it. The creamy texture of coconut mylk chocolate, infused with strawberries gave this bar a perfect balance between the two of these flavours. The lightness of the strawberries made the chocolate really delicious and decadent, but without being too rich, so she was able to fully enjoy all of this bar’s flavours. Chocolate and strawberry are such a classic combination, so if you love chocolate dipped strawberries, then you are bound to love this bar. I really wish I could have tried it!

goji berry

The addition of goji berries to this bar really emphasises the healthy, superfood kick of Ombar’s products. As a natural chocolate, you are able to fully enjoy their confections when you eat them, as you know that you’re treating yourself to something that’s actually good for you. I personally loved this bar as goji berries are my go-to healthy snack. Being able to enjoy some of these berries wrapped in Ombar chocolate was just perfect for me. The unique goji flavour tastes delicious when scattered through their 60% chocolate, and I always feel great after eating it.

blueberry and acai

Continuing with the health food kick, this bar features two of the healthiest berries on the planet, that also taste amazing with chocolate. Filled with antioxidants and vitamins, the addition of blueberry and acai berry really fill this bar with superfood nutrients. I love melting chunks of dark chocolate and pouring it over a bowl of fresh berries as a treat, and this bar is just perfect for that. It’s berry flavour adds a nice sweetness, and you can really taste both of their individual flavours. They fuse amazingly with the richness of cacao, and create a delicious chocolate that’s filled with many layers and depths of flavour.

coconut 60%

As I said in my donut recipe last week, I love the combination of chocolate and coconut. It’s something I’ve enjoyed ever since my first taste of a bounty bar when I was little. Both Ombar’s coconut 60% and coconut mylk chocolate are perfect for the fellow chocolate-coconut lovers among us. Their 60% bar has a slightly darker flavour with a stronger coconut taste, that’s great for when you’re looking for a treat that’s more indulgent. I actually love to bake with this chocolate as well, as it’s distinct coconut taste adds a delicious flavour to cakes and the bar adds a nice rich texture.

coconut mylk

It was this bar that first made me fall in love with Ombar chocolate. As a dairy free, and healthier alternative to ordinary milk chocolate – this bar is a dream come true. For the days when you just crave a nice, creamy bar of chocolate to eat, this flavour provides the perfect amount of comfort. It’s coconut taste isn’t over powering, and it’s creaminess has a deliciously milky flavour. The cacao is mellow, and not too strong, ideal for those who prefer lighter tasting chocolate. This bar is also available in button forms – which are fantastic for snacking on, or even cake decorating!

lemon and green tea

I think there’s something so special about the combination of lemon and chocolate. I don’t know why, but it’s a combination I’ve found that always works. The bitter taste of lemon really manages to enhance the flavours of cacao, which add to the depths of flavours in this chocolate. The lemon is not too sweet, and is great for those who prefer a darker chocolate with more flavour than sweetness. The green tea also adds another layer to the chocolate, as well as providing it with a nice energetic boost!


These chocolates definitely hold a special place in my heart, and I’ll also be sharing a recipe that I’ve made with them later on this week. So, you can look forward to continued chocolate festivities!

For more information on Ombar, and where to buy their products, you can visit their website here:


40 thoughts on “taste test: ombar chocolate

  1. Wow, Harriet, this IS chocolate heaven <3

    I've never seen an ombar bar around here — maybe they haven't made it to Canada yet? But I've been eyeing them on IG. Not sure if you know, but I'm a huge chocolate monster with an entire cabinet full of bars — must try every chocolate bar I come across haha 😀 …so seeing just makes me want to try these even more. All those flavors! <3 And I agree, their packaging is gorgeous.

    1. It’s so delicious Audrey! I think they might have one stockist in Canada that I saw on the map on their website :). I am the same! I’m always trying new chocolate brands and flavours, I’m obsessed!!! 🙂

  2. I can’t believe this! Totally wanting to dive over to your place right now and join in the Om Bar celebration. What a fab idea. So delighted that I am not alone on my raw chocolate mission. Big LOVE for Om bars. My favourite right now is the Coconut Mylk!

    1. Thank you Trinity! I love their chocolate too! x

  3. Wait – THIS week is chocolate week?? Clearly I need to entertain my chocoholic self then! 🙂
    I wish I could find Ombar chocolate bars near me – as that starwberry mylk is calling my name – but then again, so is Coco Mylk, and the Goji Berry!

    1. Yes! Definitely! I think you might be able to buy them in the US if you go on their website! 😀

  4. Give me the 90%!!!
    But the lemon green tea sounds so interesting!

    1. They’re both super tasty!!!

  5. Cool! I want to taste every one!

    1. Definitely, they’re so tasty!

  6. I love ombar chocolate! I bought a couple of these when I was in London in April. The lemon and green tea one sounds amazing! Thanks for sharing, Harriet! 🙂

    1. It’s so delicious! 😀

  7. I’ve never heard of this chocolate company, but I agree with you, the packaging is well done and definitely is fun to look at. I also love the many flavors they have. Thanks for introducing them to us.

    Kia / KTS

    1. You’re welcome! They’re delicious 🙂

  8. Chocoholic right here, especially dark chocolate. Great review, I haven’t tried them, but I will now.

    1. Me too Linda! Thank you!

  9. Yay for chocolate week! I’m a total sucker for awesome packaging too, and ahhh, these look amazing! <3 I love all the different flavor options! I need to find these at the store! *-*

    1. Such a great week!! I hope you find them! <3

  10. I didn’t even know this was chocolate week! OMG, now I need to eat at least 10 of these, they sound yum!

    1. Ahh! They are so delicious!

  11. I haven’t heard of these before, but the lemon and green tea one sounds really interesting. I love discovering unique chocolate flavours.

    1. They’re so delicious! Me too Dannii 😀

  12. I love the sound of all of these, where to start? I’m a huge fan of dark chocolate but I think the cranberry and madarim flavour would be great in Christmas stockings. Yes, I am being naughty and thinking about Christmas already. Oops 😉

    1. I love the cranberry and mandarin! I’m thinking about christmas already too hehe!!

  13. Great post , thanks for sharing! I love chocolate and the variety of flavors is impressive! Would love to try them if I can find them!

  14. This rainbow of chocolate bars is an amazing way to kick off Chocolate Week, I love the way they look all lined up! That blueberry acai flavor sounds amazing, i love blueberries and chocolate! And while I love dark bitter chocolate, I haven’t had milk chocolate in so long I’d love to try a coconut milk version. Cranberry mandarin sounds so unique, I can’t even imagine what that would taste like altogether. Okay I pretty much want to try all of them 😀 haha

    1. Thank you so much Natalie, they’re all so delicious!!!

  15. Oeh. A lot of chocolat! So curious about them now, and also; the wrapping looks amazing!

  16. Wowza, that is A LOT Of varieties of chocolate! As a person who is allergic to chocolate, I must admit, this post makes me jealous… but then I remembered you are allergic to strawberries, so at least you feel me on the envy since you couldn’t try the strawberry variety! I’m totally intrigued with the lemon and green tea flavor! My husband loves green tea, so I’m thinking he would toe-ts love that. I haven’t seen Ombar chocolate in any stores near me, their packaging is beautiful, so I feel like I would remember seeing it… but I will have to do a double check next time I go into town. I always love reading your product reviews! Thanks for continuing to introduce me to new, fabulous products!! P.S. I LOVE how you arranged and shot the bars! XO

    1. Hehe, thank you so much Cheyanne!!!

  17. this is such a great post, I have never even heard of these chocolate bars before! but being a chocoholic I should totally check these out! 😉

  18. I had no idea it was chocolate week! These bars sound like the perfect way to celebrate! Coconut milk, strawberry mylk – mmm the flavors all sound amazing!!!

  19. Now I want one 😛

    The Cutielicious

  20. Ombar chocolates are awesome, Harriet. I love them. I had no idea it was chocolate week — Happy chocolate week! Now I have a great excuse to eat more chocolates. Love all of your beautiful pictures! 🙂

  21. Oh. my. yum. I want to get a job as a chocolate taste-tester, haha!!! I am a chocoholic, so these all sound so delicious! I think if I had to choose just one to taste, it’d be the Coconut Mylk bar! I love the combo of coconut and chocolate and coconut milk makes everything so much more creamy. So yummy!!

  22. Oh my I really want to try the lemon and green tea bar. It sounds delightful!

  23. A late comment, just finding my way here, but you HAVE to try their 100% one!

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