sweet potato chocolate pudding

To continue with my celebrations for International Sweet Potato Week, I of course had to create a special chocolate recipe… Sneakily featuring some sweet potato. As chocolate is my absolute favourite food in existence, it made perfect sense for me to feature it in this special Sweet Potato recipe series.

So, for my second International Sweet Potato Week recipe, I decided to create a dessert. I love gooey, mousse-y puddings, so I combined the chocolate with sweet potato to create a rich and indulgent Sweet Potato Chocolate Pudding. This recipe is so simple to make, and is perfect for when you need a chocolate hit (which is usually every day for me…).

To make this dessert, I combined cocoa powder, cacao powder, coconut sugar, maple syrup, dairy free butter and almond milk and mixed it together into a smooth chocolatey mixture. Then, I boiled some sweet potato, and added it into a blender with the chocolate mix to create a beautiful, silky chocolate pudding.

I hope you enjoy the recipe!

sweet potato chocolate pudding

serves 2


75g sweet potato
3 tbsp cacao powder
3 tbsp cocoa powder
4 tbsp coconut sugar
4 tbsp almond milk
2 tbsp non-dairy buttery spread
2 tbsp maple syrup
pinch salt


  1. Firstly, peel the potato and chop it into small cubes. Place a pan onto a medium-high heat, add water about half way and bring it to a boil. Add in the potatoes and cook them for about 10 minutes so, until they are soft.
  2. In the meantime, add the cacao powder, cocoa powder, coconut sugar, almond milk, buttery spread, maple syrup and salt into a mixing bowl. Using a hand whisk, mix everything together until it forms a smooth chocolatey mixture.
  3. When the potato has cooked, remove it from the heat and drain it. Then, add it into a blender with the chocolate mixture, and blend until completely smooth. Then, pour it into two small bowls/glasses.
  4. Move the glasses into the fridge and leave the mixture to set for 3-4 hours, or overnight to chill.
  5. Then, remove the desserts from the fridge and serve.

11 thoughts on “sweet potato chocolate pudding

  1. I’m not a fan of the whole avocado pudding trend, but sweet potato? I can get behind 😉

    1. Hehe! Thank you Rebecca!

  2. Who would have thought a decadent dessert like this so good for you too? YUM!

  3. I love sweet potato recipes, and sweet potato chocolate pudding sounds like a genius idea. I would have never thought of that wonderful combination. My family would love this.

    1. Thank you so much Anu! <3

  4. You love for chocolate warms my heart, Harriet. I never thought about combining chocolate and sweet potatoes to create a scrumptious chocolate pudding. I’ve never actually made chocolate pudding and this is the perfect recipe to try it out for the first time. The texture looks amazing.

    1. Aww thank you so much Mary! It is my favourite thing! <3

  5. So easy. So luscious. I want to eat this every single day for the rest of sweet potato week and then make next week unofficial sweet potato week part 2 just to eat it some more! MUCH yummier than avocado pudding in my opinion, and so secretly healthy still I love it!

  6. Wow this looks so delicious! And I never would have guessed sweet potato could serve as a base in chocolate pudding! Can’t wait to try this.
    Luci’s Morsels | fashion. food. frivolity.

  7. I love sweet potato chocolate pudding! I make it all the time and totally agree that it is wayyy better than avocado, which always tastes like avocado, lol! Yours looks so dang luscious and decadent, I’m drooling!

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