superfood chocolate milk

Recently one of my favourite brands, Of The Earth Superfoods, sent me some of their delicious products to try. I always use their products at home, so I really couldn’t wait to feature them on my blog! They very kindly sent me some of their maca hot chocolate powder, beetroot powder and yacon syrup. As soon as I opened my gifts, I couldn’t wait to make a new chocolatey recipe with them.

of the earth superfoods

Yacon syrup is a sweetener I really like to pair with chocolate, as it has quite a deep, unique flavour that pairs really well with the bitterness of cacao. I usually add yacon syrup to smoothies or milkshakes, so I decided I would mix it with the maca hot chocolate and beetroot powder, alongside some oat milk and other tasty ingredients to blend it into a creamy chocolate milk for this recipe.

As the weather has been so warm and beautiful in London over the past week, I’ve been enjoying drinking this delicious milk while the sun has been shining! It’s been so wonderful. I moved here just over a week ago now, and I really love it. It’s such an incredible city! I am so grateful to be here.

This recipe is a perfect, refreshing, springtime drink that instantly satisfies your chocolate cravings. It only takes a short time to make, and then it’s ready to be enjoyed straight away – or you can always store it in the fridge/add some ice cubes to it if you want it to be nice and cool.


superfood chocolate milk

serves 2


2 cups (500ml) oat milk
3 tbsp hot chocolate maca powder
3 large medjool dates, pitted
1 tbsp yacon syrup
1/4 tsp beetroot powder
1/2 tsp hemp protein powder



  1. Add the oat milk, hot chocolate powder, medjool dates, yacon syrup, beetroot powder and hemp protein powder into a blender – I used my Froothie Optimum 2.1 Blender, and blend until smooth. Then, pour into glasses and serve.


superfood chocolate milk superfood chocolate milk superfood chocolate milk superfood chocolate milk


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  1. This sounds like the perfect chocolatey beverage! Plus the beetroot is giving me a red velvet vibe. I actually bought almond milk the other day because I have been craving it a lot lately…I should make it though, it’s so easy! And date sweetened, yay 🙂 Pinning this one for sure!

  2. Wow, I am loving the sound of these ingredients, Harriet! I always look forward to the exciting new recipes you create around chocolate, as I am also crazy about chocolate! This healthy chocolate milk just makes me sooo happy! Congrats on your recent move too…how awesome it must be to live in such an amazing city!

  3. I’ve never had maca powder, but I’ve heard great things about it! This superfood chocolate milk sounds so good! (And yay for having it ready in the fridge! I bet it’d be especially refreshing after a great workout!) :]

  4. This looks amazing Harriet! The color is gorgeous, I love the red tint it has and wow, those ingredients! That is truly a superfood chocolate milk! I love using beetroot powder for natural coloring in desserts! I also have some maca powder and it is quite the energy booster! Great recipe girlfriend!

  5. Oh this looks yummy! I wouldn’t mind starting my day with chocolate, thank you very much! 😀 especially when it’s full of nutritious goodness!

  6. Sounds really good! I have just made a batch of copycat Rebel Kitchen green tea matcha mylk but as I have most of the ingredients for your mylk (I’ll sub in date nectar for yacon though) I’ll give that a go next. Froothie shakes are fab!

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