spicy potato bhajis

As you all know by now, I really love spicy food. Whether I’m making a dish that’s sweet or savoury, I always like to add a mixture of different spices to it. In my opinion, the richer a dish is with flavour, the better! Food with strong, bold flavours is something that makes both my heart and stomach content.

Growing up, I’ve always loved Indian food, and enjoyed trying all the varieties of beautifully flavoured curry dishes I could find. When I was in Goa last December, I ate some of the most incredible curry dishes, with flavours I couldn’t even begin to describe. Some days I was eating curry for every meal of the day – the food was just so good! I had so much fun trying lots of different Indian dishes while I was there, ranging from curry to various other side dishes, drinks, dips and snacks.

My all time favourite Indian dish has to be onion bhaji. For as long as I can remember bhajis have been my favourite food, and when I was in India I ate a particularly large amount of them! Whenever or wherever I eat a curry, I always make sure I have some onion bhajis to go with it – they’re so delicious!

Most of the time, onion bhajis are deep fried in oil which can make them quite unhealthy. Of course, I still love eating the fried ones as a treat if I order a takeaway – because they taste too good to miss! But, whenever I make them from scratch I like to bake them in the oven to make them healthier, like I did in my previous onion bhaji recipe.

So, when Ramsay Health Care got in touch with me to take part in their ‘Healthy Fast Food Alternatives’ campaign, I instantly thought about my favourite food from a curry takeaway – onion bhajis! As I had already made my own healthy twist on a classic onion bhaji before, I decided that this time I would take my twist on the recipe one step further, and make a new kind of healthy, baked, bhaji made from potato!

For this recipe, I added a mixture of different vegetables to the mixture alongside the potatoes, which I blended with lots of different flavours and spices into a dumpling consistency. Then, I just added them into the oven to bake for about 45 minutes until they were lightly crisp on the outside, and moist on the inside. This way, they still had the lovely moisture like a traditional bhaji, but without frying them in oil! They make a great, different and healthier alternative to the original! They’re really full of flavour and taste great with curry. I hope you enjoy the recipe!


spicy potato bhajis

makes about 15 bhajis


500g potatoes

1 carrot (100g)


1 tbsp oil

1 large onion (200g)

2 mushrooms (55g)


1 tbsp milled flax seed + 1/4 cup (60ml) water


5 tbsp chickpea flour

3 tbsp tomato puree

1 tbsp oil

2 tsp garlic puree

1 tbsp medium curry powder

1 tsp chilli powder

2 tsp ground cumin

2 tsp ground coriander

1 tsp garam masala

1/2 tsp cinnamon

1 tsp turmeric

1/2 tsp salt

freshly ground black pepper, to taste




  1. Firstly, peel and chop the potato and carrot into smallish cubes. Then, fill a pan with water, bring it to a boil on a medium heat, and add the potato and carrot. Cook them for 15 minutes, then remove them from the heat, drain and set them aside to cool.
  2. While they cook, add the flax seeds and water into a bowl. Stir them together and set them aside to gel.
  3. Next, finely slice the onion and mushrooms. Add the onion into a frying pan with the oil and place it onto a medium heat to fry for 2 minutes. Then, add in the mushroom and fry them for 2 more minutes. When this is done, remove them from the heat to cool.
  4. Now, add the chickpea flour, tomato puree, garlic puree, oil, medium curry powder, chilli powder, ground cumin, ground coriander, garam masala, cinnamon, turmeric, salt, pepper and flax seed mixture into a food processor and blitz quickly, to mix together. Then, add in the onion and mushroom mixture, followed by the carrot and potato.
  5. Then, blend all of the mixture together until everything has broken down, but isn’t quite completely smooth (similar to a dumpling consistency). When this is done, take a spoonful of the mixture at a time then gently press it into a ball, and place it onto a baking tray lined with baking parchment. Repeat this until all of the mixture has been used up. Then, lightly brush each of the bhajis with oil, and move them into the oven to bake for about 45 minutes until golden and lightly crisp on the outside.
  6. When the bhajis have baked, they will still be fairly moist. So, set them aside to cool slightly for about 5 minutes, before removing them from the tray. Then, when they have cooled, remove them from the tray and serve!

spicy potato bhajis spicy potato bhajis spicy potato bhajis spicy potato bhajis

*This post has been sponsored by Ramsay Health Care, however all views and opinions are my own!*


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  1. Another food I’ve never even heard of, but based on the ingredients I want to try them! Like a savory little biscuit of sorts, I can imagine these would be delicious to soak up extra curry sauce. And I appreciate your healthier twist 🙂

  2. I’ve only recently started eating indian dishes but I admit that different flavors of curries and naan are mostly what I stick to. Bhajis are something totally new to me but this potato/carrot concoction sounds delicious and I’m always on the hunt for healthy sides to add to my home cooked meals. You are seriously so creative, it’s inspiring!

  3. Oh my gawsh, I’m ALL about the spicy food too, Harriet! The spicier the better! I’ve never had bhajis before, but they sound delicious! LOVE that you lightened them up and baked them instead of frying! I can’t wait to give these a try, girlfriend! Cheers!! <3

  4. Hi, I just love that I found you! I would love to make these. Is there any way to print out your recipes?
    Thanks so much!

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