How much time do you allow for yourself? How often is it that you spend time alone, focusing purely on you? Solitude is something I value incredibly, and as I thought about it today, I wanted to shed light on its importance with you. Dedicating a period of time to detach myself from the world each day brings me clarity and peace of mind. However, in this world, separation can feel incredibly rare. Everyday we are surrounded by external things filling our minds, thoughts and ideals. Unknowingly, this affects our moods, our emotions and our actions.


Spending time alone allows you to get back to you, remember yourself, and find your courage and purpose. When you spend time alone, you completely dedicate yourself to your inner world, where you can truly discover you. Experiencing this dedication by going outside, walking, running or meditating, can allow yourself to feel the beauty and joy of being completely present. Feeling this can clear your mind, declutter the external energies from your body and regain control over yourself. Each day, building this connection within you can help to gain clarity over your goals, desires and wants in life. We have every opportunity to achieve what it is we want, we just have to know what is so we can receive it. Being alone brings us closer to the greatest relationship we have in our lives, the one with ourselves. Only we can make what we want happen.


So, today, detach from the outside, and reattach to you. Go and separate yourself from the busy world. Gain clarity in your thoughts, regain power in your mind, and remember what it is you truly want, and why you are here now. Find yourself, and everything else will come to you. Remember and rediscover the bliss that is solitude. Spend time to care for yourself, and be joyful within. Your happiness will reflect upon all that surrounds you and flourish. Enjoy this beautiful day, and love all the power you have within you!


I hope you enjoyed this post! I spent my time of solitude today by going out and walking in the nearby woodland.

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  1. My only bit of time I get to myself is wednesday afternoons, as It’s my day off from work and the house is empty. I love to just sit and read a book, or potter around in the garden. I treasure my few hours to myself.

  2. I love quiet time for myself. As bloggers, I think other people think we get enough time spent in solitude because all they see is us in front of our computers. But even when you’re on the internet, when you think about it, you’re really spending time with millions of other people. Your brain is constantly engaged with what you’re seeing, reading, and just absorbing. I like taking time out of my day to go on a walk on the trail by my house for 40 minutes to just have absolute quiet time and peace for myself. My brain doesn’t think about work or responsibilities and merely just relaxes and enjoys the beautiful scenery. I think that’s so important for us as human beings because the stress and negative energies around us can really take a toll our health. Beautiful post,’ve touched upon a really important topic! 🙂 XO

    1. Thank you so much for your comment Beeta! I feel exactly the same! I often find that all the time I spend online can really affect me and my mood as I’m constantly reading so many things, and doing so much different stuff all at once! I do the same thing as you too! I love going on runs along the trail around my house!! It’s such a great way to unwind, and it’s perfect for clearing my mind and taking some precious time out in nature! 🙂 xx

  3. Beautiful words Harriet – such deep understanding of what’s really important for our soul’s growth. I find my peace either walking along the paths around my cottage or spending time in the garden, just planting or tidying – getting lost in the energies of Mother Earth.

  4. Lovely, beautiful post Harriet. I used to hate time by myself, I couldn’t stand it. I’m much better now. Running has been a god send to me, it’s just true ‘me time’. It took me turning 26 to be able to happily accept and enjoy time on my own though! Xx

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