rice pudding

Rice pudding is a classic dish that’s perfect during the colder months. Whenever it’s cold and dark outside, all I want to do is make food that’s really filling and simple to prepare, especially when it comes to dessert. And as I have such a sweet tooth, I regularly find myself craving puddings in the evening. So, something easy and comforting like rice pudding is great to make after a long wintery day. As it takes over an hour to cook, I like to make this and put it in the oven before I make my dinner. That way, dessert will be ready just after I’ve finished eating!

I love the way that rice pudding is so delicious and full of flavour. It always amazes me how just a handful of different ingredients can make something that tastes so rich. Of course, I do make mine rather differently to the traditional kind, but I think that’s what makes this pudding so special to me. Instead of combining pudding rice with the traditional ingredients used to make this, I use full fat coconut milk, rice milk and coconut sugar. However, I do keep the seasonings similar by adding vanilla, cinnamon and nutmeg – because they add a really nice depth of flavour to the pudding.

The one ingredient that really stands out in this dish, has to be the coconut sugar. Ever since I discovered it’s amazing caramel taste in my caramel sauce recipe, I’ve been using it in the majority of my desserts. And the beauty of using it in this recipe is that it gives the rice pudding a toffee flavour and beautiful caramel colour. As you can tell by my recipes, I’m obsessed with caramel, so it’s another reason why I love this dessert so much.

I also decided to use full fat coconut milk in this pudding to make it extra rich and creamy. As the milk melts into the pudding, it combines with the coconut sugar to enhance its flavour and add to its caramel consistency. It’s almost like eating a bowl of creamy dulce de leche. It’s so indulgent! Even though it’s fairly simple to make, I was blown away by the complexity of the flavours that developed as it cooked. I do love all of the surprises that come with creating recipes, especially when things turn out for the best. This dessert was one of those recipes that really reminded me exactly why I love cooking, so I hope you enjoy it!


rice pudding

serves about 4


1 2/3 cups (410 ml) rice milk

1 400ml tin full fat coconut milk – I used Coconut Merchant

1/2 cup (105g) pudding rice

1/3 cup (55g) coconut sugar – I used Coconut Merchant

1/4 tsp vanilla powder

1/8 tsp nutmeg

1/8 tsp cinnamon




  1. Firstly, add the rice, coconut sugar, vanilla powder, nutmeg and cinnamon into a large heat proof dish (one which has a lid). Then, add in the rice milk and coconut milk (don’t worry if your coconut milk is a bit separated, it will all melt down as the pudding cooks). Then, using a whisk quickly mix everything together.
  2. Then, place the lid on top of the mixture and move the pudding into the oven to cook for about 1 hour and 10-20 minutes. After the first 30 minutes has passed, check the dessert and stir it together using a large wooden spoon. Then continue to cook, checking and stirring the pudding every 20-30 minutes. When it has cooked for about an hour, reduce the checking time to every 10 minutes or so – to prevent it from over cooking.
  3. Then, when the pudding is done, remove it from the oven and stir together. Then, pour it into bowls and serve. I think it tastes great on its own, with banana, different fruits or ice cream!

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  1. I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with rice pudding. I LOVE eating it, but I hate making it. For years and years I could never get it right, but I have finally perfected a recipe (pretty similar to this one actually). One of my favourite comfort foods.

  2. Gorgeous photos Harriet, they are making me yearn for some ice pudding right now! I make mine with almond milk, coconut sugar and nutmeg, I’ve not tried adding vanilla, I expect it will enhance the flavour beautifully.

  3. I have to echo everyone – Harriet – these photos are gorgeous! You make simple rice pudding look mysterious and sultry! Love your use of coconut milk (it really does seem to melt into the rice and coconut sugar) and coconut sugar in this pudding! Thanks for sharing it 🙂

  4. My dad used to be ADDICTED to rice pudding, but since he passed away I haven’t had any. As soon as I saw this title I immediately reminisced about my dad lounging on the couch trying to force feed me his rice pudding. lol I love how this has coconut nuances in it! This is perfect for this weather! Comforting and delicious (and I’m sure my dad would have highly approved) 😉 Cheers, sweets!

  5. Can I say that I have never had rice pudding before? Something about being put off by the canned stuff at an early age… but yours here must be the best looking rice pudding I have ever seen. That toffee colour is gorgeous, and I am even more interested by how you have used coconut milk – definitely something I need to attempt! So perfect for the cooler months 🙂

  6. Ah, love rice pudding! I make mine with coconut milk and sugar too…just adds the best flavors! You photos are always so gorgeous, Harriet! This bowl just makes me want to jump through the screen to grab a taste! It just looks so creamy and comforting…the perfect treat to enjoy on this chilly evening!

  7. So my sister is absolutely obsessed with rice pudding!! And yet for some reason I haven’t had any in years, years!! haha I need to change that. This looks just wonderful with the coconut milk!

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