How Do I Offer Readings?

Harriet Emily uses a combination of Oracle Cards, Tarot Cards and her intuitive guidance when conducting readings. She offers her readings in combination with her 1-1 healing sessions, and also provides cards at some of her Sound Healing and Wellbeing Events for people to choose their own cards if they are looking for guidance. She uses cards as a way to engage with subconscious mind, and see whether anything may have been overlooked in a situation through the conscious mind. In readings, she uses the cards as a way to engage with any areas of life that may be in need of change, inspiration or healing, so that anything that comes up in the reading may be included in your 1-1 or group session.

She also offers online monthly energy updates where she uses the cards in combination with her own guidance and planetary influences to give a theme and energetic updates for the month ahead.

Harriet also provides monthly themed spiritual wellbeing workshops in London and the UK to bring people together who have a shared interest in spirituality and self-growth. Each workshop is completely unique, but often features a combination of practices such as Meditation, Sound Healing, Oracle and Tarot Card Reading, Cacao, and crafting such as Smoke Cleanse Stick Making, Wand Making, Candle Making and Oil Blend Making.

For more information about Harriet’s reading services, or to book, please click on the categories below. You can also email with any questions.