painting: pacha

Somedays, I just enjoy taking some time out and dedicating an afternoon or so to painting. After setting out to create my last series of paintings which each had specific intentions, I feel quite content now by just painting to enjoy the process. I find this can really help my art as it allows me to just release my creativity on to a canvas and see where it leads.

I took inspiration for this from a recent photograph of myself. I painted the canvas, designing the piece as I went on, letting my creativity completely take over. I felt like I wanted to feature nature as a prominent part of the piece, and base it on my connection with the Earth. I live in such a beautiful area, yet I’m awful at actually going out and spending time outdoors. It’s very easy to forget about the importance of spending time outside and away from technology. So, as a reminder to myself, I painted the piece showing myself intertwined with vines, flowers and trees, immersing myself in nature. I created this as another abstract painting, as it’s a genre of art I’m really beginning to fall in love with.

I named the piece ‘Pacha’ after the Andean Goddess, ‘Pachamama’ which translates as Mother Earth, or World Mother. She is known as the Goddess of Earth and sustaining life on it. I love reading about ancient mythology from South America, so I named the piece after Pachamama, as it is about connecting myself with the Earth. I’ve always been fascinated with South America and really hope to travel there one day. There’s so much culture and history from the countries within it that I hope to learn about in more detail. I really love discovering the stories of numerous mysteries and phenomenon that stem from there, and there’s so much I want to learn about. I think my favourite phenomenon to read about so far has to be the Nazca Lines in Peru. So many unusual and unexplainable things happen in the world and there are so many things to be fascinated by!


Here’s the piece below, let me know what you think and if there are any mysteries in time that stand out for you in particular as I would love to hear.



2 thoughts on “painting: pacha

  1. I have no knowledge of art but found your picture enthralling as the eyes seems to draw me in. I would settle for being excellent at cooking or good at drawing but you seem to have managed both.

    1. Hi Valerie, thank you so much! Eyes are my favourite thing to draw and they’re what I normally begin with when I start a piece. That’s so kind of you to say, I really appreciate it 🙂

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