painting: movements in water

Over the past few weeks I’ve been going on walks through the hills where I live. I originally did it to just enjoy the countryside and get outside to¬†clear my mind. However on each walk I began to notice all of the different streams and water openings around me. Along the paths and roads there are multiple pipes with pouring water, different gutters, natural streams and puddles. On each walk I began to notice the beauty of the flowing water and their crisp, clean reflections. So, as I proceeded walking I began to build a collection of photographs I would take on my iPhone to capture the beautiful water.


As I later went through my images, I decided to paint the movement and flow of the water onto canvas. I took the main colours from the images, and painted with long strokes, blending the colours together, to represent the natural movement. I just created a mini series from two of the images and made two paintings. I’m continuing to enjoy painting in an abstract style, focusing on different colours and textures as my main focus. I hope you enjoy the pieces!


I also like to re-use old canvases – which I did for these, so you may be able to see the textures and shapes from old paintings underneath them – I quite like the eery effect this gives.


IMG_0481s IMG_0487s IMG_0500s

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