painting: inspired by the sun

I currently have a new muse for my artwork. Before, when I used to paint I was inspired by my emotions and created art as a form of release. However, as I have moved on from that time and the seasons have changed, I can definitely say I have a new inspiration. As the weather becomes warmer, I tend to spend a lot more time during the day outside. Due to this, I find myself becoming more enamoured and influenced by my natural outdoor surroundings.

Under the light of the sun today, I sat down to paint. Looking around me, I put paint to canvas, choosing colours inspired by the vibrant surroundings around me. The sun, the sky and the wild plants were my main inspirations for this piece, which I transformed into two paintings.

I focused entirely on colour in my artwork for these pieces, and used them to express the purpose of my paintings. Every day I find myself becoming more and more in love with abstract art, allowing the casually flowing strokes of the paintbrush to complete my paintings. I’m also considering selling these pieces – so I’d love to hear your opinions on them and whether you think they could sell!


I hope you’ve all been enjoying the sunny weather as much as I have at the moment.


IMG_1644s IMG_1670s IMG_1664s


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