painting: blue landscape

When I first started to create my own artwork, I began by drawing. I focused on transforming an image or object in front of me by putting it onto paper, in a way that looked somewhat realistic. Although I still love to sketch and draw things with intricate detail, I’ve began to expand my artistic interest into other areas.

As I progress with my work, I like to try new things. I’ve grown fond of abstract art, and the flexibility it brings with it. Being able to just paint from whatever spark of inspiration I have gives me an amazing sense of freedom. So with the sun shining outside today, I took off my shoes and walked outside into the grass. Placing my canvas onto the ground and oil paints beside me, I simply took in my surroundings. Looking at the blue silhouette of the hills in front of me, I found my inspiration. Admiring the various blue hues, I decided to dedicate my canvas to colour. Alone in my location, there was pure stillness and serenity. So with my surrounding beauty, I used my feelings and sense of being at the time to control the strokes of my paintbrush.

I carefully blended different tones of blue to represent the calm, peacefulness that was around me. In complete silence, I stood and simply looked around, painting the blues until I felt my canvas was complete. I really loved the feeling of letting go, and the freedom of simply following each brush stroke as the painting progressed. Looking at the finished canvas I find the painting quite calming, as I like the natural flow of the colours and the way they blend into one another.


Let me know what you think of the piece, as I would love to hear!



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