orange and ginger cupcakes

Today, I am sharing a cupcake recipe with you which features the most amazing jam I’ve ever tasted. For my last recipe in collaboration with St. Dalfour, I decided to make a cupcake recipe using their incredible Orange & Ginger Preserve. This preserve has the most delicious, deep, sweet orange flavour and beautiful hint of fire from the addition of ginger – it really is the perfect spread, especially for the Autumnal months! I also love that is made with only a handful of ingredients; grape juice concentrate, oranges, ginger, lemon juice and pectin!

st dalfour st dalfour

So, for my cupcake recipe, I decided to keep things simple, so that the cakes would really show off the flavours of the Orange & Ginger Preserve. I decided to create a cupcake mixture with the fruit preserve added inside of it, as well as some ground ginger, cinnamon and orange extract to enhance the Autumnal, fruity flavour of the cakes. I mixed all of the ingredients into one bowl, and then poured the mixture into 4 cupcake cases (because you know I like baking cakes in tiny batches!). Then, I baked the cakes for about 20 minutes, and when they were cooked, I removed them from the oven and topped them with a generous spoonful of theΒ Orange & Ginger PreserveΒ to finish!

This small batch cupcake recipe is perfect for when you just want a little, light, Autumnal treat to eat!


orange and ginger cupcakes

makes about 4 cupcakes


5 tbsp gluten free self raising flour – I used Doves

2 tbsp coconut sugar

2 tbsp ground almonds

1 tbsp tapioca flour

1 tsp milled flax seeds

1/4 tsp baking powder

1/2 tsp cinnamon

1/2 tsp ground ginger

3 tbsp St. Dalfour Orange & Ginger Preserve

4 tbsp almond milk

1 tbsp dairy free butter, softened – I used Vitalite

few drops orange extract, to taste

4 generous spoonfuls ofΒ St. Dalfour Orange & Ginger Preserve, to serve




  1. Add the self raising flour, coconut sugar, ground almonds, tapioca flour, flax seeds, baking powder, cinnamon and ginger into a mixing bowl, and stir everything together. Then, add in the fruit preserve, almond milk, dairy free spread and orange extract.
  2. Using a whisk, mix all of the ingredients together until the cake mixture is smooth. Then, spoon the mixture into 4 separate cupcake cakes inside of a cupcake tray. When this is done, move the cupcakes into the oven to bake for about 18-20 minutes, until they have cooked.
  3. When the cakes have finished cooking, remove them from the oven and top each of them with a generous spoonful of the fruit preserve to serve. They are best enjoyed warm!

orange and ginger cupcakes orange and ginger cupcakes orange and ginger cupcakes orange and ginger cupcakes

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  1. I’ve been doing lots of lemon + ginger baking lately, but I have to try this orange + ginger combo now because it sounds wonderful! And of course cupcakes are the perfect form for testing out new flavor ideas on πŸ™‚ These are so cute and scrumptious, who needs frosting when you have jam anyways!?

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