mango & banana smoothie

And so the dreary weather continues. If you looked out from the window of my kitchen right now, you honestly wouldn’t believe we were in June. Where has the sunshine gone?! All of this harsh weather has really got me down, and left me wishing I was on a sunny beach somewhere abroad. If only – at least I can dream. However, as I’m currently in England, and enduring the British weather, I thought I would create something that could at least distract my mind from the lack of sunshine.

I love smoothies, and they’re something I enjoy in plentiful amounts whilst holidaying in sunny countries. Drinking them under the sun, whilst laying on the sands of the beach is instantly relaxing, and always leaves me in a state of bliss. So, as I dreamt of warmer climates today, I knew I needed to make a smoothie that would help make my vision seem more real. And, for the ultimate tropical feel, I decided to make one using mango and banana.

This drink is just like drinking liquid sunshine. With it’s beautiful golden colour, my thoughts already began to drift away to a tropical paradise as soon as I began pouring it into my glass. Ahh.

The mango and banana combines together to bring the perfectly sweet, irresistible taste. Then, the use of lime juice creates a nice citrusy flavour. Lastly, mellowing out the drink and creating a slight creamy taste, I added in almonds and almond milk. I also like to add them as they bring a healthy source of protein and fats, helping to balance out the sugars. Yum! May you drink this and dream of sunshine.


mango & banana smoothie

serves 2


1 mango

1 large banana

2 tbsp almonds

2 tbsp freshly squeezed lime juice

2/3 cup (160ml) almond milk



  1. Firstly, peel and chop the banana and mango into pieces. Then, add them into your blender – I used my Froothie Optimum 2.1 Blender, with the almond milk, lime juice and almonds. Blend all of the ingredients together until smooth, and then pour into glasses to serve.


IMG_5693-2 IMG_5706 IMG_5729

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  1. Wow, so creative, healthy and delectable recipe. What an amazing combo, adding of almonds in two forms with banana and mango really makes this recipe super delicious. I’ve never had these flavors together. Super yummy!!

  2. I can’t complain about the weather in Berlin at the moment 😉
    I love the combo of mango and banana!! I’d rink the smoothie right from the jug though, haha

  3. I’ve recently started making smoothies at home for the first time, I’m going to have to give this a try! I love that you added some almonds along with the almond milk.

    Christine |

  4. This smoothie sounds fantastic! I love whipping them up for a quick breakfast or snack. The flavor combinations are endless! I’ve never tried mango and banana together before, so I definitely need to change that!

  5. What a co-incidence, I made a banana mango smoothie today for breakfast! 🙂 Looks really good Harriet! and your weather story reminds me of my days in Scotland! In the 1.5 years I lived there, I never really saw how an actual summer looked like! :/

  6. Harriet, I have to tell you – smoothies are simply one of my favorite things. By far, they are my most favorite breakfast treat. They’re easy to make, quick to drink and filling until noon. And, I believe you can never have to many smoothie recipes, so I love having another one to add to my recipe box! It looks fabulous!

  7. What a perfect combination! I loveee mangoes and I love bananas so this sounds like it’s just the kind of smoothie I postively adore. And don’t worry dear, it’s even cloudy and dreary here in California…June gloom sucks 🙁

  8. Such a beautiful smoothie Harriett! I love that you added almonds to it for flavor and richness! I’m not a banana fan unfortunately, but it sure is an amazing recipe!

    1. Thank you Brandi!! I love their subtle creaminess, so just knew I had to use some in this! Oh no, they can definitely be a love-hate food, quite a lot of my family dislike them too!!

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