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In one of my previous illustration posts, ‘Gloria’, I gave you a brief insight into the story of how my Godmother rescued Gloria the pig, and transported her to ‘The Farm‘ animal sanctuary in Evesham. Finding out about Gloria, her story, and the animal sanctuary really inspired me, and made me want to find out more about the charity.

The Farm itself is home to over 530 animals, all rescued from different, horrifying stories. The majority of the animals rescued are farm animals, as many of which are overlooked in todays society, as they are creatures we predominantly view as food. Due to this, there are vast amounts of cruelty that happen to these animals, which sadly fall under the radar.

There can be so much violence and harm in this world, but thanks to charities like The Farm, many of us can be inspired to do something positive with our time, put our energy into good use, and help others. It’s so beautiful to see all of the love and care that goes into the looking after these animals. Hearing aboutย all of the amazing work that happens at the sanctuary inspired me to write this post, and hopefully raise more awareness for their great cause.


The animals at The Farm are so beautiful, so Iย decided to createย a few illustrations of some of the animals – I hope you like them! I’m also hoping to sort out getting prints/cards etc. done of my artworksย soon ๐Ÿ™‚







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    1. Thank you so much Rebecca, that means sooo much to me!! I love cows too, they’re so beautiful!!! Omg that’s such a great idea! I hope you do! I’d love to rescue one one day!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. Beautiful images. It makes me sad to think that people think of them as merely food, when they are individuals who deserve to be loved and treated well.

  2. You are such a beautiful person inside (and out!) Harriet and you are talented. I absolutely love all of these illustrations…they are amazing and I love that they are focused on such beautiful animals. I love the cat, horse and cow one the most. That is so exciting about getting them in print too, you will sell a lot of them!

  3. Harriet – I’m blown away by this art work – stunning – what amazes me is that at 19 you’ve ‘found’ your style, it’s understated and subtle BUT SO POWERFUL. It takes most artists decades to create such powerful images in such a sensitive way – heavens, you know how old I am and I’m still trying to find my own style………!

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