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Since creating my first cupcake illustrations, I discovered just how fun food illustration is. I’ve been practicing a few different food drawings since then, but today I really wanted to share with you my latest illustrations that I made of some ice creams!

I think when it comes to food illustration, I’ve found that I enjoy drawing desserts and sweet things the most. They’re always so beautifully decorated, interesting to draw and come in so many different varieties. I really love designing cakes, but as I’m enjoying the summer sunshine at the moment, I decided that ice cream would be a good choice of subject for my next set of illustrations!

Usually, I draw from looking at an image, but when I made these I left the drawing completely down to my imagination and just drew from my mind.

…I think I must have been pretty hungry at the time, as I ended up designing some rather wacky/exciting flavours and illustrations!

On the left, I drew a yellow and blue ice cream combination, which I imagine to be a lemon and blueberry, with sprinkles and a glacé cherry on top. For the middle ice cream, I designed a mint, orange and raspberry layered ice cream, topped with a chocolate sauce and toasted marshmallow. Then, for the third I drew a lavender Ice Cream with a chocolate flake and coloured sprinkles… Definitely some interesting combinations.

Here are the finished illustrations! I hope you like them!


watercolour ice cream illustration


watercolour ice cream illustration

watercolour ice cream illustration


ice cream quote


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  1. These are just the sweetest! I’ll take three of the middle one, thanks (because that chocolate sauce looks so drippy, fudgy good!). Your illustrations are incredible, please let me know when your online store is up and running 😛

  2. Your artistic talent never ceases to amaze me, Harriet! I love all of your drawings, including this lovely ice cream one. It’s so darling and I love the choice in colors. You should consider making stationery out of your work and selling it on Etsy!

  3. You are so multi-talented, Harriet! I love your illustrations and think it is so cool that you’ve been able to combine your love for food and art. These ice cream cones really make me crave the real thing too! Now we just need to create some of these recipes, haha! Beautiful done, friend!

    1. Hi Hannah, thank you so much! I’m so glad you like it! I’m about to start getting prints done of my art, so they will be available soon 🙂 do you have any preference of how you would like my art to be made available? (so that I can get something made that you’d like) e.g prints/cards/mugs or merchandise? I’d love to know any ideas you have! Thank you again! Have a great day 😀

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