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Recently, I partnered up with Hey Workout, an online fitness membership service that offers recorded and interactive workout classes. They originally got in touch with me to try their membership and review their classes. As I love working out from home, I couldn’t wait to try out their service, as I’m always looking for new routines to try! The Hey Workout prices start from just £8 a month, and that provides you with unlimited access to all of their recordings! It’s perfect for people who enjoy exercising in their own personal space.

Hey Workout Hey Workout

I decided that first I would try one of the Hey Workout recorded yoga classes. I chose to practice a Hatha Yoga class, as I really enjoy the way this style of yoga calms your mind and opens your body. When I was in Goa last december, I practiced Hatha Yoga classes nearly every day, it was incredible! So I knew this class would bring me back to the beautiful memories I have from my time in India.

Hey Workout

I practiced a 30 minute routine with Monica, a lovely teacher with a calm, encouraging teaching style. Her class flowed beautifully, and I felt so much more space opening in my body throughout the practice. Her guidance was clear, easy to follow and really understandable. She made the routine so enjoyable, as the poses effortlessly flowed into one another throughout the class.

Hey Workout Hey Workout Hey Workout Hey Workout Hey Workout Hey Workout

The class was so quick and simple to find on their site and connect to. I was ready and prepared to begin my private yoga session within seconds! The service was so easy to use, and I really loved the Hatha Yoga routine that was taught by Monica. For such an affordable price, Hey Workout is definitely something worth signing up for! I can’t wait to try more of their classes. I would definitely recommend Hey Workout to anyone who enjoys working out alone, at home with friends, or on a 1-1 basis.

You can even try a 14 day membership here for free by using this link!


If you have any more questions, or are looking for more information about Hey Workout, please visit their website here: https://www.heyworkout.com



  1. This sounds like a great service Harriet. I’ve always been a fan of exercising at home, you can let yourself go and not worry about what you look like while only concentrating on the workout. Yoga at home would be very beneficial right now, there’s never enough time in my day to find, and keep, my “Zen” You look great!

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