heartgrain: akashic reading with jenny mannion

Recently, I partnered with Heartgrain – a global, online platform for different holistic health services. They offer consultations and services ranging from nutrition – for detoxing or weight loss, spirituality – for healing or chakra balancing, or even life coaching. When I partnered with Heartgrain, I was offered the opportunity to review one of their services and try out their platform. I loved the wide variety of options they had available on their site, so it was definitely difficult for me to make a decision for which service to try – but as soon as I saw that they offered Akashic Readings, I knew I had to try one for myself!

I’m personally very interested in spirituality and spiritual development and I have always wanted to have an Akashic Reading, so I was incredibly excited to be able to have one, and also share my experience of it on here.

I chose to have my Akashic Reading with Jenny Mannion, who is an intuitive healer with over 7 years of experience. She offers a variety of different services, such as Energy Healing, Akashic Readings and Clearing, Soul Realignment and Mind/Body Mentoring.

So, for the service I chose to review, I was offered a Mini Akashic Reading. For this, Jenny views your Akashic Record and then types up a written report of what she found. Then, she will send you the report she has typed and follow up the session with a 1-to-1 Skype to discuss her findings and answer any questions you may have. The reading itself reveals to you your soul group, your particular life lessons and your strengths/skills.

For my reading, Jenny shared with me a very detailed, in depth reading of myself, which strongly resonated with things I have experienced in my life, as well as giving me a greater understanding of myself and my potential. I was first introduced to my souls origin, and then my two realms of training in this life. My two realms of training connected to the 7th (crown) chakra, and 5th (throat) chakra, signifying the importance of following my true purpose, and using my voice as a way to communicate what my purpose in life is. So because of this, it signals that ideal careers for people who have 5th chakra trainings, would be teachers, healers or councillors. The 7th chakra also relates to healing work. I found both of these particularly interesting due to my recent decisions to change my career path and train in teaching Kundalini Yoga, Sound Healing, Sekhem Healing and Thai Massage.

When I was told my specialisations, I was given Dream Master and Master of Design, which relates to dream work/astral travel and the connection between the physical and energetic worlds – which also relate to my capacity for healing work. I found this so reassuring for me, as it felt like a big risk in changing my decision as to what field I want a career in. And, after choosing to move towards a career in the healing and teaching fields, I felt like this reading definitely confirmed that I was making the right decision and taking the right steps towards what I’m meant to do with my life.

After my reading and discussion with Jenny, I felt much more confident in my choices and optimistic about moving forwards. I also found that it really opened up my mind more about myself and my capabilities. I really felt as if I knew much more about who I am and what I am here to achieve, and I am so grateful for having Jenny share her gift and talent with me for this reading. It was so helpful, and such a great opportunity to learn more about my identity, and discuss it with such a knowledgeable, helpful person.

I would definitely recommend this reading to anyone who is open minded, and interested in spirituality. I think it is particularly helpful to those who are looking to discover more about themselves and become more aware of any lessons they are here to learn, and how to approach them. I also think an Akashic Reading is perfect for when you are at a crossroads in your life, and you are considering a new direction, and want to make your decision based on another perspective which connects to your inner self – especially if your mind is in doubt about the situation.

For more information on Heartgrain, please visit their website here: http://heartgrain.com

To book a Mini Akashic Reading, please click here: http://heartgrain.com/healthservice/akashic/mini-akashic-reading/

For more information on Jenny Mannion, please visit her website here: http://www.jennymannion.com


  1. I’ve never heard of an Akhasic reading, but that sounds so interesting! I’m glad your discussion with her helped you to feel more confident + optimistic about what you’re doing and helped you to find out more about yourself! :]

  2. Heartgrain sounds awesome; it’s hard finding holistic practitioners, and I’m one of them lol. I’ve never heard of an Akashic Reading, but now I know I need one. This reading sounds amazing!!!! I’ve been to many physics and tarot readers and recently decided I was going to lay off of these services for awhile. I wasn’t getting any real direction from the readings if anything I felt like I was wasting my time and money. I’ve also changed my career path, and I’m freaking out! I have faith I am doing the right thing, but your reading opened my mind and made me realize we are all here to do something. My current job change feeds my soul and gives me something to be proud of. I think I’m going to get an Akashic Reading! 🙂 You are the best Harriet! I’m proud of you for being brave and searching for your true life purpose.

    1. Definitely try one Mary, they are so amazing! Have you tried using oracle cards for yourself before? They’re really good too. I use mine all of the time :). Ahh good luck with your new career path! You’ll be amazing! Thank you so much! Lots of love to you <3

  3. Hi Harriet, It was so lovely to meet you and offer you this reading. I loved our time discussing it! You are such a LIGHT and are already and will be helping so many! I look forward to hearing about your continued journey. Sending lots of love, <3 Jenny

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