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This week, I was lucky enough to visit my favourite store in London, Harrods! I barely go a trip to London without spending some time in the iconic building. Yet somehow, with every visit I manage to find a new area I’ve never been in before. This time however, I was returning to one of my favourite departments, the Urban Retreat. Hidden away on the fifth floor, it is my complete idea of heaven. With some of the best treatments known to man, who could resist spending some time there?

On this occasion, I experienced a hair session with the ever so talented, Carlos Rodrigues. Originally from Portugal, Carlos moved to London after a short holiday here, where he instantly fell in love with the city. Ever since, he’s been pursuing his passion in hair and make up, and has been a stylist for ten years. With such a gift, I felt so lucky to have met him and had my hair styled by him.


Above: Carlos Rodrigues

Each day I’ve been becoming more enamoured with 70’s style. I know it’s becoming more popular as we speak, and pairs of flares are currently flying off of the shelves in every store. So, to celebrate my love of 70’s fashion, I wore a floral Kooples shirt (I’m not quite brave enough for flares yet), and paired it with some simple grey Asos trousers. Of course to complete the look, Carlos and I opted for something that would look bold and glamourous. I love that big, curled blow-dry look, so I was so happy when I saw my hairstyle completed in the mirror. The look suited my outfit perfectly and gave me that understated 70’s vibe I was looking for.

IMG_7347s IMG_7346s

To create this look, Carlos began to blow dry my hair with a small barrel brush to give it lift and volume. He then wrapped my hair around the brush whilst drying, to add in the curls. For the look to hold, he pinned each curl close to my head to keep them in place, and sprayed with Elnett before leaving to set for a few minutes. Lastly, he released the curls, tousled my hair and revealed the finished look! I was so pleased with the result, and it was amazing to have experienced such a wonderful time at the Retreat.

I loved meeting Carlos and am now using my best efforts to re-create this flawless look at home. For more information on hair treatments at the urban retreat and how to book (with of Carlos of course), visit:

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