ginger butterscotch sauce

Oh my goodness, I don’t even know where to begin with this recipe.

A few days ago, I was brainstorming what to make for my family friends birthday, and decided to make my chocolate caramel brownie cake (you can see the finished result here). The cake features my favourite caramel sauce recipe which I actually hadn’t made in ages, and when it came to making it that day, I remembered just how much I love it.

After the cake had all been eaten, I began to crave the caramel (I’d forgotten how addictive it is) once again. As I sat there dreaming of this caramel sauce, I had an idea – why not try something different with it? After all, I’d only just made my traditional version, and already had a few ideas of ways I could transform it into something new.

Recently, I partnered up with Healthy Foods Online, where I was able to try some of their products from their store. They have every single ingredient that a cook like me could dream of, and I couldn’t wait to work with them. As I chose something to try from them, I discovered that they sold Maple Sugar!!!! I honestly can’t tell you how much and for how long I have wanted to try maple sugar. Ever since I tried a Mast Brother’s chocolate bar that’s sweetened with it, I’ve been obsessed with the ingredient – it tastes incredible.

The problem is, I never knew where to get hold of it, as it’s quite a niche ingredient. Not many places make or sell it, so I was beginning to doubt whether I’d ever be able to find some. However, as I browsed through Healthy Foods Online store I discovered that they sold it, and I actually jumped for joy when I saw it and ordered some straight away.

When it arrived, I trialled it in a few recipes, but just hadn’t quite found “the one”. But then, just as I was dreaming of this caramel sauce, I had my brainwave – why not use it to make a new caramel?! I was so glad I had this thought. As I planned of ways I could make it into a new caramel, I decided that I would add one other new flavour to the creation. So, I looked inside of my fridge for inspiration, and I saw a huge piece of fresh root ginger right in front of me. Then, I knew that ginger was going to be the final element to re-inventing my caramel sauce.

Lastly, all that remained was for me to actually make the sauce. I kept the method simple and similar to my original caramel recipe as I knew it would work. However this time, I blended the fresh ginger with the water and cashews, and of course used maple sugar instead of coconut sugar. The result of the sauce was really creamy and caramel like – which was exactly what I was craving. The maple sugar created a lighter colour for the sauce and more of a butterscotch taste which I can’t even begin to describe. Lastly, the ginger created this fiery kick which enhanced the maple’s flavours, and created a nice warmth down your throat.

Since then, I’ve made this sauce daily and have been pairing it with lots of different recipes – I’ve liked it best with pancakes, chocolate and even on its own. However, my next plan is to make it with a ginger pudding (which I’ve been trialling in muffin cases – you can see from the pictures below).

If you can’t get maple sugar where you live, then I would suggest substituting it for coconut sugar or brown/light brown sugar – however these will give the sauce a darker finish. I’m really in love with this sauce, and I hope you enjoy it!

Thank you so much to Healthy Foods Online for gifting me this maple sugar – I am so grateful!

Lastly, you also have a 10% discount if you buy anything from Healthy Foods Online with my discount code: harrietemily …enjoy!

ginger butterscotch sauce

serves about 6


1 cup (125g) maple sugar

1/2 cup (70g) cashews

3/4 cup (180ml) water

2 inch piece (35g) fresh root ginger, peeled

pinch salt


  1. Add the cashews, water and ginger into a blender (I used my NutriBullet), and blend until completely smooth.
  2. Then, add the maple sugar into a medium sized pan, and pour the smooth cashew cream on top. Place the pan onto a low-medium heat, and stir everything together for about 4-5 minutes, allowing it to thicken and gradually bubble sightly.
  3. When the sauce has thickened into a caramel consistency, remove it from the heat and pour it into a jug to serve. In between servings, store it in the fridge (this will cause it to thicken slightly, but stir it together or quickly warm it through again to regain a more fluid consistency before serving).

ginger butterscotch sauce ginger butterscotch sauce ginger butterscotch sauce ginger butterscotch sauce

30 thoughts on “ginger butterscotch sauce

  1. This is incredible! I totally love this healthy version of butterscotch sauce and can see myself pour it all over some winter baked goods.

  2. This looks so delicious and creamy, Harriet! 🙂 Can’t wait to try it!

  3. This sauce looks so decadent I just want to dip a spoon right in! I love your back story for this recipe, it was meant to be 🙂 I’ve never worked with maple sugar either, but now that I see the delicious possibilities I really want to try it!

  4. Well you know I love this because…CASHEWS!

  5. This recipe speaks to my heart in so many ways. I think that if I made it I would be putting it on EVERYTHING.

  6. LOVE this sauce, girlfriend!! The addition of ginger and maple sugar sounds stellar! Seriously this looks SUPER creamy and totally dreamy! I could eat this by the spoonful! YUM! Pinned! Cheers, girlie!

  7. Ooooh my goodness. I just want to dunk everything in that! Or just get a straw maybe… That looks amazing!!

  8. This sauce looks truly magical! You’ve done an amazing job! I just want to face plant in it 😉

  9. Ooo ginger butterscotch sauce sounds heavenly! I can imagine it goes really well in so many sweet recipes 🙂

  10. I love ginger and butterscotch, so this looks incredible!

    Meet Me in Midtown

  11. Ahhhh! I love ginger, and this sauce looks so delicious! I would likely put it on everything. I need to go bake something so I have an excuse to use this! 😛

  12. This is similar to how I made my sauce for sticky toffee pudding and I have to only make it once a year, as I can put it on everything. The cashews in it are really good, aren’t they.

  13. Sooo tasty :Q___

    The Cutielicious

  14. Wow this sounds incredible! I love butterscotch sauce but I’d never thought of adding ginger to it. I can’t wait to try this!x

  15. wow the sauce sounds incredible Harriet! I need to try this!

  16. Yum! That sauce sounds amazing, Harriet! I’ve never had ginger in a sauce before. Love this!

  17. Looks delicious Harriet! I LOVE maple sugar, haven’t used it in forever, but it is so incredible! This would go good on just about anything! Looks so creamy and rich! This would be so yummy in oatmeal too!

  18. So – when can I expect this sauce on store shelves??? Seriously Harriet – this is awesome! Love the ginger added in and the healthier take on butterscotch sauce! Amazing!

  19. This looks amazing, Harriet! I love how you incorporated maple sugar, instead of regular refined sugar. I have been wanting to try maple sugar, since I’m a big maple fan, but you’re right, it is often hard to find. I didn’t even think to look online and I will definitely check out your source!! Can’t wait for the ginger pudding recipe…it looks like a match made in heaven! 🙂

  20. NO WAY. No way! Maple sugar and cashews make this wonderful sauce?? Mindblown over here! 🙂 I would drink this, no joke!

  21. omg Harriet!! This looks so super luscious and delicious! That maple sugar probably gives it such a caramel-y flavor. So good!

  22. Sounds delicious and that little jar is tooooo friggin cute!!!

    ~xo Sheree
    IG: @poshclassymom

  23. How positively delectable, Harriet! Look at that gorgeous sauce…it’s got just the perfect consistency. I’ve never tried maple sugar before, but now I feel like I must! Also, your muffin looks so moist and incredible. With the scrumptious caramel sauce…wow…muffin heaven!

  24. Oh wow! This ginger butterscotch sauce looks so rich, creamy and deeeeliciosu, Harriet. Maple syrup sounds incredible here. I need to try this soon! 🙂

  25. Maple sugar sounds like a wonderful thing!! I must get my hands on some! And this sauce … can I tell you how much I LOVE that you used ginger???

  26. This sauce sounds amazing, Harriet! Love the maple sugar and cashews – such an incredible idea! I am a big ginger fan so I would be tempted to put this sauce on everything!

  27. this sounds awesome! I have been wanting to try maple sugar, I have seen a couple people mention it but havn’t yet looked for it! now i totally need to! 😉

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  29. You and your healthy dessert sauces Harriet! This looks delicious and soo easy! Xx

  30. I can only imagine how great this sauce tastes! Love it! Pinned!

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