Sounds for the Soul

In this Sounds for the Soul, we will be coming together shortly after the New Moon in Taurus (which turns new May 11th, 7:59pm BST). Under this moon, we are able to connect to the energy of new beginnings, opportunities, and doors opening up for us. With the influence of taurus, we can connect to these new beginnings in a powerful and grounded way. Together, using Harriet's voice in guided meditation and the sound of the crystal singing bowls, we will set our intentions for what we wish to receive and welcome into our lives on this moon cycle, and open up to the opportunities that await us.

Lay down somewhere comfortable and have blankets, pillows etc. ready!

It's best listened to through headphones or speakers, so if you can use them - please do.

The meditation and sound healing will begin at 8:35pm and finish by 9:10pm. 

Clear + Cleanse: Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

Join Harriet Emily for an evening of magic in Angel, London under the Super Full Moon in Sagittarius and Lunar Eclipse. The evening will begin with a space opening meditation. Using the crystal singing bowls and Harriet's voice in guided meditation, you will settle in and connect to the intention of what you wish to use your incense for and areas in your life you wish to cleanse. After meditating, you will have time to journal what came up in the meditation and write down the ideas for your incense blend. You will also be able to connect to a variety of oracle + tarot cards to ask for any guidance you may currently be in need of. Once this is done, it will then be time to build your own unique incense blend for personal use, using a variety of dried herbs, flowers, gums and resins. When everyone has created their blend, we will come together in closing meditation using Harriet's voice and the crystal singing bowls to give thanks to what you have created and visualise your intention for your incense blend. Once this is complete, you will be given tea and vegan treats to eat.

Tea + Vegan Treats included.

Incense, Glass Jar and Charcoal Burning Disk included. Please bring your own journal and pen.

Exact address will be emailed to you separately after purchasing your ticket.