Sounds for the Soul

In this Sounds for the Soul, we will be coming together under the Leo New Moon on the auspicious Lions Gate 8/8 portal day. With the fiery energy of Leo on the New Moon, we will work with the energies of courage, boldness, confidence and self belief. Feel strong, motivated and clear to achieve what you desire. With the additional energy of Lions Gate, where the Sirius Constellation aligns with the Earth, we are able to connect more deeply to the energies of manifestation, creation and accelerated movement forwards.Together, using Harriet's voice in guided meditation and the sound of the crystal singing bowls, we will align with these energies to take a positive step forwards towards our courage, confidence and achieve our personal goals.

Lay down somewhere comfortable and have blankets, pillows etc. ready!

It's best listened to through headphones or speakers, so if you can use them - please do.

The meditation and sound healing will begin at 8:35pm and finish by 9:10pm.