Sounds for the Soul

In this Sounds for the Soul, we will be coming together for the New Moon in Aquarius (which turns new at 5:46am GMT). With the energy of this new moon and connection with Imbolc, we will use this journey to align with fresh ideas, new beginnings and an awakening towards the energy of springtime. Together, using Harriet's voice in guided meditation and the sound of the crystal singing bowls, we will relax, be still and unwind.

Lay down somewhere comfortable and have blankets, pillows etc. ready!

It's best listened to through headphones or speakers, so if you can use them - please do.

The meditation and sound healing will begin by 8:35pm.

Ceremonial Cacao Sound Journey 11/2

Join me for an evening Sound Healing Journey with Ceremonial Cacao in Ash Thomas. The event will take place from 7pm until 8pm at Ash Thomas Village Hall, 2 The Old School, Ash Thomas, Tiverton EX16 4NT. Please arrive between 6:50-55pm. Please bring a yoga mat or something comfortable to lie on, a pillow and a blanket.

Once everyone has arrived, you will receive your cup of ceremonial cacao, and I will lead you through the process of drinking it to the sounds of the crystal singing bowls and the drum. After this, I will invite you to take a few deep breaths as you feel the energy of the cacao settling into your body, opening your heart space and focusing your energy.

Then, it’s time to simply lie back and close your eyes as I take you on a guided meditation to relax and let go. After this I will take you on a blissful sound journey with the gong to help you unwind as you listen to their transformative sounds. I will then transition onto the crystal singing bowls to help soothe and uplift your energy, before finally closing the experience with the magical sounds of the koshi chimes and ocean drum. Once the sound journey has finished, you will be left in silence for a few minutes before I call you back into the space and invite you to reawaken, where you will take a few deep breaths before opening your eyes.