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Recently, I was kindly invited to visit Ethos Foods, a beautiful vegetarian and vegan restaurant located just a few steps off of Oxford Street in London. At the restaurant, they offer a huge variety of delicious dishes with lots of dairy free, vegan and gluten free options. I visited Ethos during the day, where the food is offered as self service. You can pick whichever dishes you’d like to try – and eat each as much of them as you’d like! I really loved this option, as I was able to completely fill my plate with so many different, beautiful foods.

They also offer afternoon tea during the day, as well as a table service for drinks, starters and dessert at dinner time! It’s definitely somewhere you can visit for any occasion.

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Upon arrival, I ordered their Detox smoothie. The drink was made with spinach, kale, apple, pineapple, lemon, ginger, spirulina, chorella, wheatgrass and barleygrass. It was the best smoothie I’d ever tried! I loved that it had a naturally sweet and refreshing taste from the apple and pineapple, and a really great healthy feel from all of the super foods inside.

detox smoothie

When it came to choosing what to eat, I literally filled my plate with every vegan dish there. All of the food looked so delectable. It was amazing being to have so much beautiful vegan food to try!

ethos foods, london

For my meal, I tried Ethos’ Good Green Salad, Baba Ganoush, Hummus, Guacamole, Beetroot and Cabbage Slaw, Mushroom Goulash, Cauliflower, Aubergine, Sweet Potato Chips, Sweetcorn and Onion Bhaji. Each of the dishes had their own unique, special quality about them, which really made every part of my meal stand out on my plate. All of the foods complimented each other so well, and the dips were especially incredible – I was completely addicted to their guacamole! It was so creamy. Their onion bhaji was exquisite too – the range of different spices in it was so mouthwatering, there were so many flavours, and its texture was really lovely, light and crisp.

ethos foods, london

ethos foods, london

Then, for dessert I was treated to a chocolate feast! You know how much I love chocolate, so eating these desserts felt like being in heaven. I tried three of their chocolate desserts, their chocolate and raspberry cake, black bean brownie and peanut butter bomb. It was pure chocolate decadence. The chocolate and raspberry cake had a really light, moist sponge with a beautifully fruity raspberry jam. The brownie had a really dark, chocolatey flavour and gooey, fudgy texture. The peanut butter bomb was like eating a smooth, rich, peanut truffle – it had such a melt in the mouth texture. I could have easily eaten several of them!

vegan chocolate cake vegan chocolate cake vegan chocolate cake vegan black bean brownie vegan peanut butter bomb

All of the food I ate at Ethos was faultless. Every single part of the meal I had was made to perfection, and filled with so many delicious flavours. The atmosphere in the restaurant was so calm and welcoming, and all of the team were so kind and friendly. I would definitely recommend Ethos to anyone visiting London! It’s now one of my favourite places to eat in the city!

To find out more about the restaurant, please visit their website here:


  1. I love this spot, Harriet, it looks delicious and I wish there was a location close to me in the States. The dessert arrangement looks delectable my mouth is watering, it’s hard to believe most of it is vegan.

  2. I’m heading down to London in a few weeks time and this place sounds right up my street. Plus I’m staying pretty nearby so it’s an added bonus 🙂 thanks for sharing Harriet!

  3. Harriet, I wish there was an Ethos Foods here in Atlanta, it sounds wonderful! And their vegan fare is simply blowing my mind – especially their dessert selection – now all I want is chocolate! Awesome review and photography!

  4. Wow, this place looks so amazing, I’m so envious! I wish we had a place like this around where I live, but the options are very limited. Everything looks delicious but those desserts look heavenly!! You took such beautiful pictures of everything too, this sounds like my kind of place. It looks beautiful, yet such a relaxing environment too!

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