creamy banana milkshake smoothie

Recently, Alpro very kindly gifted me an amazing, summery smoothie making kit! For me, summertime is all about smoothies, and I love starting my mornings off with something delicious, fruity and refreshing. When I saw all of the beautiful ingredients in my kit, I couldn’t wait to start developing some recipes with them.

I’ve been using Alpro products for years now, as they make so many incredible, inspiring plant-based foods. They have such a vast product range, and one of my absolute favourites of theirs, is their plain soya yogurt. It’s the perfect dairy alternative for me as it’s so light, smooth and creamy. It’s not sweet either, which is great for when you want to put it into a savoury dish, or sweeten it yourself with some natural sweeteners or fruit! It’s also great in smoothies, as I find it makes them much more filling, as well as adding a lovely yogurt flavour. So, I was so happy when I saw it in my smoothie kit from Alpro!

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To begin my creations, I decided that I would first make a recipe using all three of their products; the coconut milk, soya milk and soya yogurt, to make something really creamy. Together, I knew they would make the perfect creamy milkshake! Then, for the flavour, I chose banana as I knew it would really compliment the coconut taste.

For the recipe, I combined these ingredients with some ginger, cinnamon, turmeric, vanilla and pecans for an added boost of flavour and nutrients. Doing this really gave the milkshake a nice kick, and also made a drink that was healthy as well as being delicious. I love creamy milkshakes, so it was the perfect drink for me! I can’t wait to share my other #AlproSmoothie creations with you soon! I hope you enjoy the recipe.


creamy banana milkshake smoothie

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220g bananas

1 1/2 cup (375ml) Alpro soya milk

1/2 cup (125g) Alpro plain soya yogurt

1/2 cup (125ml) Alpro coconut milk

2 tbsp (20g) pecans

2cm chunk root ginger, peeled

1 vanilla pod, deseeded

1/4 tsp cinnamon

pinch turmeric

handful crushed ice (optional)



  1. Add the banana, yogurt, soya milk, coconut milk, ginger, turmeric, cinnamon, vanilla and pecans into a blender – I used my Froothie Optimum 2.1 Blender, and blend until smooth. You can also try blending it with some ice, for a cooling, refreshing drink. When the drink is smooth, pour it into glasses and serve.


creamy banana milkshake smoothie creamy banana milkshake smoothie creamy banana milkshake smoothie creamy banana milkshake smoothie


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  1. What a lovely kit to receive! I love Alpro products too and use them all the time! The smoothie sounds delicious! Love that you added ginger for a bit of a kick 😀

  2. That is the cutest little smoothie package I’ve ever seen. I usually avoid milkshakes because they are milk based and milk and I just don’t get along, but this is a recipe I can sink my teeth in. It looks creamy and filling also! Great recipe Harriet 🙂

  3. Mmmm, this smoothie sounds so delicious, Harriet! Love the addition of flavorful spices, including vanilla been! YUM! A smoothie making kit sounds like such a fun gift idea too. Who wouldn’t love to receive a gift like this?! Amazing, my friend!

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