cocoa, orange & banana hazelnut milk

I’ve been spending some time back down in the beautiful Somerset countryside over the last few days, and catching up with family and friends which has been so lovely. Whenever I see someone I haven’t met up with for a long time, I always like to celebrate with them by making them some homemade food and drinks. As everyone knows of my obsession with chocolate by now, the usual items I make for people tend to be chocolate based. Because chocolate is something I love so much, I tend to put the most love and care into my recipes that contain it!

So, when I went to see my mother, I decided to put my beautiful new crystal coasters I was sent from UncommonGoods to good use, and make some delicious, chocolatey drinks to serve them on, and celebrate my visit. As excited as I was to make a new chocolatey recipe, I ended up being even more excited about finally being able to use my beautiful ANNA by RabLabs coasters. They’re honestly the most beautiful coasters I’ve ever seen, and the first I’ve seen made from Agate. ANNA has the most beautiful homeware designs, and all of their products are so stunning. I was so happy when UncommonGoods got in touch with me to feature some of the products they stock on their website, and as soon as I saw all of the beautiful items they have available on there, like these incredible coasters, I couldn’t wait to work with them.


ANNA by RabLabs Coasters ANNA by RabLabs Coasters


So for my latest chocolatey recipe, I decided to make a healthy Cocoa, Orange & Banana Hazelnut Milk, made from entirely natural, plant-based ingredients. The recipe is beautiful, as you can really taste the hazelnuts – from the use of blanched hazelnuts and Alpro’s hazelnut milk.

To sweeten the drink, I used a combination of banana and yacon syrup – two ingredients which work particularly well with chocolate. And finally, to flavour the drink I used some cocoa powder, vanilla and orange extract. Then, all I had to do was blend everything together – and voila! My delicious, celebratory drink was made.

The drink also has a beautifully creamy frothy top like a cappuccino, which happens from the blending of the ingredients – so it’s best served chilled, or with ice, to drink like a cooling iced coffee. I hope you enjoy the recipe!


cocoa, orange & banana hazelnut milk

serves 3-4


3 cups (750ml) hazelnut milk – I used Alpro

2 medium bananas

2 tbsp yacon syrup

3 tbsp cocoa powder

3 tbsp blanched hazelnuts

1/4 tsp orange extract

pinch vanilla powder



  1. Add the hazelnut milk, bananas, yacon syrup, cocoa powder, hazelnuts, orange extract and vanilla into your blender – I used my Froothie Optimum 2.1 Blender, and blend until smooth.
  2. Then, pour the drinks into glasses to serve as they are, or leave to chill in the fridge, or serve with ice for a cooling drink.

cocoa, banana and orange hazelnut milk cocoa, banana and orange hazelnut milk cocoa, banana and orange hazelnut milk cocoa, banana and orange hazelnut milk


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  1. I am fully aware and love your obsession with chocolate Harriet; I think I am a chocoholic also 🙂 Those coasters are stunning, almost too cute to use coasters… almost. I’ve never made flavored milk, but I’m always up for a challenge. Thanks for sharing this one.

  2. Sounds like a great plan if that’s all you need it for! I’ve become a bit spoiled by everything I can do with my smartphone with the tweeting and the Facebooking and all that, so while I don’t need a new phone and don’t own a tablet, this is definitely a great price to upgrade. Good luck to you tomorrow

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