chocolate orange cheesecake

I think this might just be my favourite creation to date. I wanted to push the boat out and make the richest recipe for a cheesecake I could possibly come up with. As said before, one of my favourite flavour combinations is chocolate and orange, so a cheesecake mixing the two together is the ultimate dessert for me. The key to the indulgence of this cheesecake is hidden within the base. I used a fudge mixture combined with ground almonds, to create the richest flavour possible. I used orange oil, oranges and an abundance of coconut oil throughout this recipe to make it my most decadent cheesecake yet. This makes the perfect dessert for a celebration, or for a well deserved treat at the end of the day.

chocolate orange cheesecake

makes one small batch


For the crust:

1/2 cup (75g) dates

1 cup (95g) cacao powder

4 tbsp coconut oil

3 tbsp liquid sweetener of choice

1/2 cup almonds (60g)

1/2 cup (60g) ground almonds

salt and orange oil, to taste

For the cheesecake:

1 cup cashews (115g) – previously soaked for about 2 hours

1/2 cup + 1 tbsp (50g) cacao powder

3 tbsp coconut oil

1/4 cup (50ml) water

juice 1 large orange

1/4 cup (50ml) liquid sweetener of choice

salt and

orange oil, to taste about 20 drops


  1. Pour the cashews for the cheesecake into a bowl and cover with water. Leave to soak for about 2 hours, or until the cashews are soft.
  2. Make the base by combining all of the base ingredients into a food processor and blending until a sticky fudge crumb like texture has formed. When this is done, empty from the food processor and press the mix into the base of a small cake tin until well stuck together. Move to the freezer to cool and set while you make the cheesecake topping.
  3. Combine all of the cheesecake filling ingredients into a blender, and blend until smooth. This may take some time, but keep on blending to get it as smooth as possible.
  4. When this is done, remove the base from the fridge, and pour the filling on top. Move the cheesecake back to the fridge and leave to set for about 2-3 hours.
  5. When the cheesecake has set, remove from the cake tin, and if you like decorate. I used cacao powder and orange peel. Slice and serve. This tastes best when straight out of the fridge!

Chocolate orange cheesecake Chocolate orange cheesecake Chocolate orange cheesecake

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