chocolate hazelnut ice cream

Chocolate and hazelnut is definitely one of the best food combinations on the planet. I’ve tried it in Nutella, pralines, cakes, tarts and now… ice cream – and I absolutely love it. This ice cream invention of mine was first discovered by complete random. I was making a chocolate hazelnut tart to celebrate my friend visiting me before she left on her travels to Thailand for the month. I made the tart similarly to a raw cheesecake, and moved it into the freezer to speed up its setting time. After leaving it for a couple of hours, I removed it from the freezer, took a taste and instantly realised how perfect it would be as an ice cream! It was definitely one of my favourite foodie discoveries I’ve had all year.

When all of the chocolate tart had been eaten, I read over my recipe notes and decided to transform it into an ice-cream. I simplified down the ingredients, changed some of the quantities and began experimenting. The final recipe is actually really simple. All it requires is some dates, water, rice milk, salt, hazelnut butter and cocoa powder. Then, you just need to blend them all together until smooth, pour the mixture into a container and wait patiently for it to set – and there’s no churning or ice cream maker necessary!!! Hooray!

The only struggle I had when making this was waiting for it to set. I did find myself going in and out of the freezer, taking mini spoonfuls of the mixture and trying it before it was firm.. Oops. It’s creamy ‘Nutella’ flavour is something I really can’t resist, so I ended up continuously going back to the tub for more. For the hazelnut taste, I recommend using a smooth Hazelnut butter like Biona’s, or one you’ve made at home. I always use Biona’s as I love their brand, and their butter has a really smooth and creamy taste.

Also – when I make this recipe, I tend to do it in the evening and leave it overnight to set. But, if you’re making it in the day I suggest you leave it for at least a good 5 hours. Then, when it’s set I like to leave it for a few minutes outside of the freezer to soften up before serving. This makes it easier to scoop – and it’s great if you like the taste of slightly melted/softer ice-cream like I do.


Even though this recipe is no churn and made so differently to regular ice cream, it’s surprising just how similar it is to a traditional version! I really hope you enjoy it!


chocolate hazelnut ice cream

serves about 5-6


2/3 cup (130g) pitted dates

1 cup (250ml) rice milk

2/3 cup (160ml) boiling water

1/3 cup (40g) cocoa powder

1/2 cup + 1 tbsp (145g)  hazelnut butter

1/4 tsp salt



1. Firstly, add the dates, rice milk and water into a blender and blend together until smooth. Then, add in the cocoa powder, hazelnut butter and salt and blend again until completely smooth.

2. When this is done, pour the mixture into a tupperware dish or loaf tin – I just used a standard long plastic lunchbox. Move the ice-cream into the freezer to set for at least 5 hours/overnight. Then, remove it from the freezer, leave for a couple of minutes to soften, scoop and serve.


chocolate hazelnut ice-cream chocolate hazelnut ice-cream chocolate hazelnut ice-cream

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  1. Some of my best recipes are the result of accidents too, haha! This looks divine and of course you already know how much I love chocolate AND ice cream!! I’ve been eating my sweet potato chocolate ice cream more than I even care to admit! I also love hazelnuts. I don’t love the taste of them on their own, they are too strong, but they are fantastic mixed with cinnamon and I also make some super fudgy chocolate brownies with hazlenut butter. Great simple recipe Harriet!

  2. This ice cream looks so so good, Harriet! So creamy and chocolate-y! I don’t blame you for picking at it from the freezer. I also love that it doesn’t require a lot of ingredients. What a lovely idea and creation you made here!

  3. Oh my gosh chocolate and hazelnut is DEFINITELY one of the best combinations ever. And you weren’t kidding with how simple it is too – bonus points! As if you need more points when talking chocolate and hazelnut 😉

  4. Yum. yum. and yum. I make my own nutella from time to time, but turning it into an ice cream hasn’t occurred to me — brilliant. And love the recipe too. Don’t think I could wait for a nutella ice cream to set that long either 🙂

    I’ve been into ice cream making these last few days too {I think I’m on day 5 of different ice creams here — the hot weather is really inspiring me 🙂 Haven’t made nutella, though I did make something quite similar — I can just imagine how good your ice cream is!

  5. Girl, you had my attention at chocolate, haha! I cannot wait to try this recipe, Harriet! It looks so simple and I love the fact that it has wholesome ingredients AND that it’s no-churn! You are a genius! I love chocolate anything and the fact that it tastes like Nutella, but has no dairy is a big win in my book! Thank you so much for sharing all of your yummy creations!!

  6. Chocolate + hazelnut is such a good combo, totally agree! haha I laughed at you not being able to wait for it to set – I have that same problem 🙂 Looks wonderful!!

  7. Yeah, it does remind me of Nutella, but I’m sure this ice cream tastes a lot better! Love it! Would love to try it by the end of the summer!

  8. This pretty much sounds like the best ice cream, Harriet! I absolutely love this! I purposely don’t buy Nutella since I end up eating it with just a spoon, but I think I would make an exception with this ice cream. Love the rich color and flavor!

  9. Best photo ever, Harriet Emily! Oh, does that look amazing. And as a bone fide Nutella fan, I can only imagine how great this ice cream is!

  10. Oh my yes, hazelnuts are bomb! And this ice cream looks seriously divine. That deep rich chocolate color and the hazelnut butter & date combo has me mindblown. Gorgeous job!

  11. Wow, the ingredients are really completely different from what I imagine ice cream to be made of! Beautiful photos as well. Btw I also do this nip eating until the ice cream, chocolate or whatever it is what I have in the fridge is empty. Sweet stuff in my flat doesn’t last long 😀

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