cheesy garlic herb potato wedges

Hello everyone! I just got back from the first long weekend of my Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training. It was amazing but very intense, so I’m feeling pretty tired now, but I’m so happy to be back home again and able to get back to work. I had no wifi for 4 days and really missed not being able to blog! Blogging brings me so much joy, and I’m so grateful that I’m able to dedicate so much time to working on mine. I love every minute I spend on it, and I don’t know where I’d be without it!

If you’re looking to start up your own blog, my friends over at Hurry The Food Up have a really helpful guide for food bloggers: ‘How To Start A Food Blog‘ with so much great information on setting one up  – they also have loads of delicious recipes on their blog, so make sure to check them out!

Now, let me introduce you to my new recipe. This recipe is for something that’s a pure comfort food of mine: cheesy potato wedges. There’s something amazing about the combination of a strong cheesy flavour and some warm fluffy potatoes. I just love it. And, when I’m making a dish that I really love, I like to put lots of effort into the recipe and make something I’ll really enjoy eating.

So, for this recipe I decided to jazz up the potato wedges and coat them in a mixture of oil, garlic powder, dried herbs, salt and pepper for greater flavour. Then, for the cheesiness, I used a melty ‘cheese’ from my favourite vegan cheese brand – Vegusto. The ‘cheese’ has a really great taste, and soft, melty texture when you grate it onto the wedges. I personally like the ‘cheese’ to have a bit more of a firmer texture, so I grate it on top of the potatoes when they’re out of the oven but are still hot. If you want the ‘cheese’ more melty, I’m sure you could quickly put the wedges back in the oven for a minute or so after putting the cheese on top.

These wedges are perfect as a snack or to go as a side dish with your meal. They’re so simple and quick to make, and the best bit is that they taste so good! I could easily eat the whole tray of them in one go – especially after a yoga session! I really hope you enjoy the recipe.


cheesy garlic herb potato wedges

serves 2


500g white potatoes (I used small potatoes)

2 tsp sunflower oil

1/4 tsp garlic powder/granules

1/2 tsp dried mixed herbs

1/4 tsp sea salt

freshly ground black pepper, to taste

generous amount of Vegusto’s No-Moo Melty ‘Cheese’, to grate on top




  1. Firstly, peel and chop your potatoes into wedges. Then, place them onto a non-stick baking tray and cover with the oil, garlic powder, herbs, salt and pepper. Then, stir everything together so that the potatoes are evenly coated in seasoning.
  2. When this is done, place the wedges into the oven and cook for 20-25 minutes, depending on the size you chopped the wedges.
  3. When the potato wedges have cooked, remove them from the oven and immediately grate the ‘melty cheese’ on top generously, before serving.


cheesy garlic herb potato wedges cheesy garlic herb potato wedges cheesy garlic herb potato wedges


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  1. These look so perfect Harriet! I LOVE potatoes and eat them sooo often and that cheese on top looks so darn perfect! I’m drooling just a bit here! I’m with you, I absolutely love blogging, enjoy it, look forward to it and would go BONKERS without internet, haha! So glad you enjoyed your yoga teaching though, so exciting!

  2. I can’t say I’ve ever tried Vegusto’s cheese, but that is the cutest name ever, hahaha. <3 I think I'd like this way more than "regular" cheese! This looks delicious! 😀

  3. These look so delicious, Harriet! I love Vegusto cheese. 🙂 The only thing is that it’s so hard to find, I once had it at a veggie fair, but couldn’t find it anywhere else. Do you usually order it online or do you know a store that carries it?

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