carrot, celery & apple juice

One of my favourite things to make at the moment is juice. Vegetable juices have some sort of power to them that make you feel amazing after drinking them. Carrots are definitely my favourite vegetable to juice, not only do they add a beautiful, vibrant orange colour to the drink, but they also add a delicious and mild sweetness.

I then combined the carrots with some apples and celery. Apples boost the sweetness of the drink and are also a great fruit for juicing. I used celery in this recipe for some added nutrients and a refreshing taste. I love juicing celery, but I fully understand that it can be an acquired taste. I don’t know why but there’s something I just love about the taste of it in a juice – and it works especially well when combined with carrot and apple. This is one of my favourite drinks to enjoy as part of my breakfast, so I hope you like it as much as I do!


So, I’ve declared my love of celery, but what are your opinions on it? Do you like it? What are you favourite ways to eat it? I also love dipping it in hummus – or sometimes even some nut butter. Let me know what you think of it!


carrot, celery & apple juice

serves 2


6 carrots (650g)

3 apples (450g)

2 sticks celery (85g)

2-3 cm piece fresh root ginger

1 tbsp freshly squeezed lemon juice



  1. Add the solid ingredients one at a time into your juicer, and then collect the juice into a jug. When this is done, add in the lemon juice, and stir all of the ingredients together until well mixed. Then, pour into glasses and serve.


IMG_9292 IMG_9269

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  1. What a lovely looking juice ♥

    As for celery — it really depends for me. It it’s in something, like a sauce or a soup — wonderful. On its own I only like it one way — dipped into a Moroccan-spiced carrot dip I make. Carrots and celery are clearly meant to go together 😉

    1. Thank you Audrey! Oooh yes I forgot about soup, they taste so good in a winter or chunky vegetable soup! Mmm. That dip sounds delicious! I love anything Moroccan style. Yes, they are the perfect snacking combo!! 🙂

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