banoffee sundae

Yes, you read that correctly. Banoffee. Sundae.

I think this might just be my naughtiest dessert to date. After the success of my Chocolate Caramel Cookie Sundae, I was filled with ideas and inspiration for all the other types of Sundae’s I could make. As a real lover of Banoffee Pie and ice-cream, I knew that a Banoffee Sundae would certainly make my heart content. Rich with banana and sugary, caramel, creamy deliciousness – who could possibly resist the temptation of a Banoffee Sundae? If there’s one dessert that could happily spend a lifetime on my hips, it would certainly be this one.

Now these are huge glasses of sundae heaven. The portions themselves are pretty large, so attempt eating a whole one at your own risk – I only just about managed to. As I wanted these desserts to be a real treat, I made the portions generous. So don’t worry, if you don’t think you can handle all of the decadence, then you can just divide the mixture between more glasses.

The banoffee pie elements themselves are very soft and light, but filled with bursts of flavour. For the base, I combined walnuts with coconut oil and dates for a lightly sticky crumb. Then, I created a soft and fluffy coconut cream by whipping two small tins of coconut cream. For the banoffee, I cooked the bananas to enhance their caramel flavours, and then paired them with coconut oil, rice milk, maple syrup and dates – for that addictive sweet toffee flavour and gooey texture. I also created a silky chocolate sauce to drizzle in-between those layers and create another element of taste with a slight bitterness and cocoa hit.

Lastly, I combined all of these with some ice-cream to create the sundae. Depending on how much of an ice-cream to banoffee ratio you want, you can add 1 or 2 scoops of ice-cream. The ice-cream adds a nice cooling, firmness to the dessert which contrasts with the softness of everything else. It also helps to balance out some of the rich/sweetness. I used Booja Booja’s dairy free Ginger flavour, but feel free to use which ever brand or flavour of ice-cream you like. In my opinion, this flavour is the perfect pairing for the sundae as it’s fiery ginger taste works so well with the caramel, chocolate and banana flavours. So I definitely recommend using this product if you can get hold of it.

So there you have it, my Banoffee Sundae. May you enjoy every last taste!

banoffee sundae

serves 6 (generously)


for the base:

1 cup (105g) walnuts

1/2 cup (85g) dates

1 tsp raw coconut oil

for the coconut cream:

2 160ml cans coconut cream (previously placed in freezer 1 hour beforehand, or refrigerated overnight)

for the banoffee:

275g peeled bananas (4 small)

1/2 cup (85g) dates

2 tbsp maple syrup

2 tbsp raw coconut oil

1 tbsp plant-based milk (I used rice)

1/4 tsp salt

for the banana:

1 banana

for the chocolate syrup:

4 tbsp cacao powder

4 tbsp maple syrup

4 tbsp plant-based milk (I used rice)

pinch salt

1 tbsp coconut oil

for the ice-cream:

6-12 scoops Booja Booja’s Ginger ice-cream (or any other dairy free alternative)



1. Begin by making the base. Add the walnuts into a food processor and quickly blitz and break them down into small pieces. Then add the dates and coconut oil and blend for about 1 minute until they form a fine, slightly sticky crumb. Then, set this mixture aside until later.

2. Now, make the coconut cream. Add the tins of coconut cream into a bowl and whisk using an electric whisk for about 12 minutes, until well whipped and forms peaks. Then when this is done, transfer the cream into the fridge to keep cool.

3. Next, slice the bananas for the banoffee layer lengthways in half. Then chop each half sideways into two. When this is done, line a baking tray with foil, place the bananas on top and wrap them in the foil. Place them into the oven and cook them for 10 minutes.

4. While the bananas cook, make the chocolate sauce. Add the cacao powder, maple syrup, milk and salt into a small pan and place onto a low-medium heat. Stir together for about 5 minutes, until all of the ingredients have mixed together and formed a syrupy/sauce consistency. Then, remove the sauce from the heat, add in the coconut oil and gently stir it into the sauce until it has melted and the sauce is glossy. Then, set it aside.

5. When the bananas have cooked, remove them from the oven. Remove them from the foil, and add them into a food processor with their excess liquid. Add in the coconut oil, maple syrup, salt and milk and blend until smooth. Then add in the dates and blend again until smooth. When this is done, set it aside and finely slice the banana for the banana layer.

6. Lastly, assemble the sundaes. Get your glasses/bowls, and place 1/6 of the crumb (2 spoonfuls) onto each base. Then, add 1 tbsp of banoffee mixture on top of each, and 1/6 of the banana slices. Next, drizzle on top 2 spoonfuls of chocolate sauce to roughly cover the banana layers. Then top the chocolate sauce layers with 2 generous spoonfuls of coconut cream, followed by another 1 tbsp of banoffee. Lastly, place a large scoop of ice cream on top of each glass, followed by a drizzle of the remaining chocolate and a spoonful of the remaining coconut cream. Then, serve.

If you don’t want to serve this immediately, complete all of the steps without adding the ice cream. Place the banoffee cups into the fridge to keep cool in the meantime, then top with the ice-cream later before serving.

banoffee sundae

banoffee sundae

banoffee sundae

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  1. I most definitely would enjoy every spoonful of sundae heaven! These look so decadent!

  2. Sounds and looks delicious! Lovely pictures!

  3. That is one gorgeous looking sundae, Harriet! And from your description of what is exactly in it, it sounds ridiculously delicious too! I love all the flavors and the combination of them together. Banana and chocolate are always a great pair, especially with ice cream. Your walnut base also sounds really lovely; I’d love to try it out. You’re right; some desserts are worth a lifetime on your hips, and this looks like one of them! XO

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  5. Love banoffee pie! Looks so gorgeous Harriet 😀 So decadent, rich and full of amazing flavours whilst still being healthy. This is definitely my kind of dessert.

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  12. This Sundae looks like a hot Saturday night Harriet! I’m never heard of Banoffee but now I’m dying to try it.

  13. This Sundae looks like a hot Saturday night Harriet! I’m never heard of Banoffee it sounds tasty.

  14. You may think it’s naughty, but it’s made from wholesome ingredients so it’s pretty healthy! Bananas and dates are super healthy and my heart is breaking because I don’t like bananas or dates 🙁 It’s such a stunning dessert girlfriend!! I’m just in love with the closeups of it. I think it’s time to make another cookie sundae of yours too!! YUM!

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    <3 Shannon
    Upbeat Soles

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