Harriet Emily

Who Am I?

Welcome! My name is Harriet Emily, and I am a wellness and healing practitioner. Growing up, I was raised in a spiritual household and given the opportunity to attend spiritual churches, psychic circles and healing circles from the age of five, where I first discovered my interest in healing and spirituality.

Upon leaving school at 18, I decided to study different healing modalities and spiritual practices for my personal health, and to build my own platform for wellbeing. I knew that I was in search of something that would help me find a deeper connection to who I was and who I wanted to become, and in addition, use my own healing and discoveries as a way to guide and help others.

Throughout my life, I have studied the likes of Sound Healing, Cacao Ceremonies, Flower Remedies, Crystals, Shamanism, Sekhem Healing, Thai Yoga Massage, and Yoga. In my spiritual work, I currently offer a variety of treatments such as Sound Bath Meditation, 1-1 Energy and Sound Healing, 1-1 Sound Healing Practitioner Training, Bespoke Meditation + Spiritual Workshops, and Tarot and Intuitive Guidance Readings. I also sell Crystals, Ceremonial Cacao, Meditation Tools, Artwork and Bespoke Items on my online store. In my creative work, I offer plant based Recipe Development, Retreat Catering, Food Photography and Videography, Artwork, and Creative Writing.

I hope that this space brings you inspiration, guidance and empowerment for your own healing process. If you have any questions in regards to collaborations, healing sessions, or bookings – please drop me a message at: info@harrietemily.com.

Thank you!