Hi! My name is Harriet Emily, and I am a London based healer and creative with a focus on wellness and spirituality. I feel very lucky to have been raised in an open minded, spiritual household, all thanks to my mother and the women around her, since birth. Due to this, I was given the opportunity to attend spiritual churches, psychic circles and healing circles from a very young age, and working with people in these communities from around the age of five.

My life has sent me down many avenues, and I have seen myself venture along the spiritual road, carrying with me the truths which resonate most deeply. I have always been drawn to the healing arts and mystical practices, to help better my understanding of our unique existence and purpose in living. Although my path has been an ever-turning spiral, it is through each practice, experience and opportunity that I have gained strength, and a closer connection to myself. For me, the key principals in the quest of time are for: personal freedom, expression, wisdom and insight, compassion, understanding and creativity. All of which I have so far found best through some form of creative, spiritual or energetic based practice.

Throughout my life, I have studied the likes of Sound Healing, Sekhem Healing, Kundalini Yoga, Thai Yoga Massage, Psychic Development and Energetic Healing. In my spiritual work, I now currently offer Sound Bath Meditation for groups, 1-1 Energy and Sound Healing, 1-1 Sound Healing Practitioner Training, Bespoke Meditation + Spiritual Workshops, and Tarot and Intuitive Guidance Readings. I also sell crystals, meditation tools, artwork and bespoke items on my online store. In my creative work, I offer plant based recipe development, food photography and videography, artwork and intuitive painting, poetry and writing.

I hope that from my website, you find some inspiration or guidance a long the way, and that you enjoy my recipes, artwork, meditations and writing. If you have any questions in regards to collaborations, healing sessions, or bookings – please drop me a message at: info@harrietemily.com.

Thank you!