8 curls, 8 looks, 8 cakes

Recently, I teamed up with the hair brand lilyhair to try their Sapphire 8 in 1 hair curling wand. When I first heard about this opportunity, it was honestly a dream come true for me. I’ve been curling and styling my hair for as long as I can remember, and I’m always trying out new hair styles. Seeing their 8 in 1 curler made me so excited discover all of the amazing new curly hair creations I could create.

As soon as my wand arrived, I unwrapped it immediately. The variety of shapes and sizes in the kit was incredible, and I was so overwhelmed with ideas. After picturing all of the hairstyles I could create with this hair curler, I knew what I had to do. As I love to create so many different looks for myself, I decided that I would create a different look for every barrel. And of course, with my love of food, knew I had to involve some cake in the process. So due to this, 8 curls, 8 looks, 8 cakes was born.

For each look, I used one barrel and styled myself and make up around a particular cake flavour! I decided to make a cheesecake recipe and divide it into 8 different flavours – vanilla, peanut butter and jam, chocolate, cherry, mint chocolate, coconut, mocha and date and almond butter (I will be sharing the recipes for them next week!).

irresistible me curling wand

This hair curler is honestly the best hair curler for my wigs I have ever used – and I can’t express this enough. Never have I had so many compliments on my hair, or been able to style my hair in so many different ways. Usually, curls fall out of my hair quite quickly after curling, but I have used this wand so many times now – and with each barrel my curls have lasted me through at least one whole day, but most of the time two (and that’s without hairspray). The nozzles are easily interchangeable, and you can choose whichever heat preference you like. I always use the hottest, as it speeds up the styling process. For each style, I held my curls around the wand for just a couple of seconds, and my looks were always complete within 10 minutes! It is honestly so incredible! 

the looks

irresistible me curling wands

1. 13MM Barrel – Coconut Cheesecake

irresistible me curling wand

2. 25MM Barrel – Peanut Butter & Jam

irresistible me curling wand

3. PEARL Barrel – Mint Chocolate

irresistible me curling wand

4. 25/13 MM Barrel – Cherry

irresistible me curling wand

5. 19 MM Barrel – Mocha

irresistible me curling wand

6. 13/25MM Barrel – Almond Butter & Date

irresistible me curling wand

7. 18/9MM Barrel – Chocolate

irresistible me curling wand

8. 32MM Barrel – Vanilla

irresistible me curling wand

It’s amazing just how many styles you can create with this wand. I loved seeing how differently each barrel curled my hair!

I really hope you like the looks. Make sure to let me know if you have a favourite!

For more information on the brand, and to discover more of their products please visit:



  1. Ok, how much do I want one of these! I normally use GHDs to curl my hair everyday, but it’s difficult to get much variation in the curl. This on the other hand would definitely do the trick. I might just invest in one next pay day 🙂

  2. #1 and #2, but you look stunningly gorgeous in all of them. And I’m guessing and hoping you had a great time coming putting this all together! …and that’s a really neat curling iron. thanks for sharing 🙂 .

  3. I LOVE this post! Such a creative idea and you totally ROCKED each and every look! Plus, all the cheesecakes look seriously delicious. So hard to pick a favorite! Maybe 4 and 7… but only by like a teeeeny tiiiiny bit! You are gorgeous in all of them! Cheers, pretty! To a fabulous weekend… and Great Hair! 😉

  4. You and your hair look beautiful in every look! My personal favorite was the PB&J look, although that’s not quite surprising as it WOULD be a look associated with my favorite childhood flavors <3 You're gorgeous, doll 🙂

  5. Wow, that is a lot of hair curls and desserts, wow! Amazing! You were busy! I love the mocha hair style the best and the flavor of the dessert, how funny that it was that picture combo of the hair style and dessert that I loved the most! Such beautiful shots! I hardly ever, ever curl my hair. I’m pretty casual with that stuff. I just blow dry it and go or put it up into a pony tail. Also, my hair is so ridiculously thick, that it would take at least an hour to curl all my hair and I just don’t have the time with my 3 year old, lol! I should just pay somebody to do it, LOL…..I think the last time I curled my hair was 6 years ago, hahaha! You look beautiful in all the shots Harriet!

  6. They all look fantastic!!! My favorite is the Mocha # 5 closely followed close by the vanilla # 8.
    So beautiful.

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