two bean chilli

two bean chilli

I adore Mexican food. All of the rich flavours and spices are so delicious, addictive and filling. One of my favourite Mexican dishes has to be Chilli. This is a complete comfort food for me as it’s so easy and quick to make. The vegetables and beans really fill me up, and create a dish with a nice texture and taste. For spice, I use chipotle paste and smoked paprika to giveΒ the dish a deep smoky flavour, which is one of my favourite tastes. The smokiness pairs perfectly with the tomatoes and vegetables, making this chilli recipe one of my favourite things to eat on any day!

Simply cook this in a large pan and then serve with some rice, salsa, guacamole or whatever other sides you like to create a simple and delicious meal. Yum!


two bean chilli

serves about 5-6


1 large carrot (100g)

4 mushrooms (115g)

1 courgette (zucchini) (250g)

1 onion (100g)

2 large cloves garlic

2 tbsp sunflower oil

2 400g tinsΒ chopped tomatoes (3 cups)

1 400g tin kidney beans, drained (1 1/3 cups worth)

1 400g tin black beans, drained (1 heaping cups worth)

4 heaped tbsp tomato purΓ©e

1 tbsp paprika

1 tsp smoked paprika

1 tsp chipotle paste

1 tbsp vegetable stock powder – I used bouillon

2 tsp yeast extract (marmite)

1 tsp ground coriander

salt and pepper, to taste



1. Firstly, add the carrot, mushrooms, courgette, onion, and garlic into your food processor, and blitz until fine.

2. Then, add the 2 tbsp oil into a large pan, and place onto a medium heat. Pour in the blitzed vegetables, and fry for about 3 minutes or so. Next, add in the tomatoes, tomato puree, kidney beans and black beans. Stir together. Lastly, add in the paprika, smoked paprika, chipotle paste, vegetable stock, yeast extract, coriander and some salt and pepper to taste. Stir all of the ingredients together and leave to cook, stirring occasionally, for a further 15-20 minutes to heat through and allow the flavours to develop.

3. When the chilli has cooked, remove from the heat and serve with what else you like.


IMG_4181 IMG_4201


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  1. Hello! Just discovered your blog – it’s beautiful! Love the photos, and I love this recipe! I’m also a big of Mexican food – love all the spices and smoky flavors. This chili looks absolutely delicious! I love that you incorporated veggies like zucchini and carrots into it, makes for a healthy and scrumptious meal! πŸ™‚

  2. Love Love Love. Perfect recipe. Love the blog, Love the pictures. Addition of these two ingredients smoked paprika, sunflower oil makes dish so yummh and delicious. πŸ™‚ I must say great job.

  3. This sounds delicious – i have searched for the perfect chilli recipe – I cant wait to try this one thank you for sharing

  4. I’m not sure I understand the salt measurement. Because kosher salt measures out differently than table salt, usually you’d use more kosher salt than table salt, but here that seems reversed.

    1. Hi Shizue, I leave the salt and pepper measurements down to readers preference, as I find each of us prefer to season our recipes with them differently. Also, many of us use different types of salts at home, which can create a different taste. Personally, I like to use pink himalayan salt. This has a slightly milder taste than other salts, so I might use a larger quantity than someone using say, sea salt, would want to use. I usually add a pinch of salt and pepper to begin with, stir, and taste to check. Then, if it needs any more, I repeat those steps until I’m happy. So, feel free to start with a pinch of kosher salt, taste it and go from there! I hope this helps and you enjoy the recipe! πŸ™‚

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