the hive santa monica

the hive santa monica

Recently, I was invited by The Hive to try some delicious food from their Santa Monica restaurant. The Hive is a beautiful and healthy eatery located on Broadway, a few blocks from the beach in one of my favourite parts of Los Angeles. The hive has such a friendly atmosphere, and you instantly feel welcomed and cared for as soon as you enter the door.

I’ve eaten at The Hive many times before – and it’s one of my favourite places to visit. In the past, two of my go-to things to order have been their Power Burrito and Fountain of Youth smoothie – it’s now also routine for me to make sure I grab one of the vegan brownies that they sell there after my meal too (they’re incredible) as I head out on my way home.

For my review post, I decided to try some of their dishes that I hadn’t tried before – so this time I chose to order their Breakfast Burrito, Acai Bowl and Immuni-Bee health Shot.

I tried the health shot first to cleanse my palate ready for my meal. The Immuni-Bee shot contains reishi, maitake and chaga mushrooms, lions mane, agaricus, cordyceps, schizandra berry, mangosteen peel, stevia, rose geranium and ginger. It’s packed with hugely nutritious ingredients – and has a very fiery flavour! It felt like the perfect healthy detox to begin with.

After my drink – I dived into the burrito. Their burrito was absolutely delicious, and so filling too. It was filled with a mixture of scrambled tofu – which is my favourite, potato, hemp seeds, avocado, reishi mushroom, tomato, spinach and coconut chips. It had a great blend of textures and flavours – from the softness of the tofu, to the slight crunch of the coconut chips. I also ordered my burrito with a side of kale chips – which were light, crisp, and also full of taste.

Even though I was beginning to feel stuffed after ploughing through my burrito – I made sure I had saved just enough room for myself to indulge in their beautiful Acai Bowl.

Now, this may come as a shock for most people – but I had never actually tried an acai bowl before. I know, I know, I make vegan food for a living, I’m obsessed with food, and am constantly on the look out for the next food trend. However, I’d never actually tasted an Acai Bowl – even though I had been admiring their beauty for years.

So, because of this, I decided to go all out and build my own bowl from their self build options. For mine, I used their acai base, then topped it with granola, chia seeds, pineapple, mulberries and maple syrup. The combination was sooooooo amazing.

I was honestly speechless how delicious it was – and I was so happy that I had finally tried an Acai Bowl – I can’t believe I had gone so long without them. Everything about it was pure food heaven. I know I’ll be sure to always order one from them now! I could definitely eat it every day.

I would recommend The Hive to anyone ever visiting LA. The food is sold at a a great price point, the venue is perfect and the menu is healthy, fresh, and delicious.

For more information on The Hive – please visit their website here:





  1. I was just in Santa Monica for business and I grove by the Hive but never went in. Now I’m kicking myself because it’s totally my kind of restaurant. I don’t love burritos but I know I would devour this one and that acai bowl looks divine.

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