Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga is an ancient practice that was brought over to the West by Yogi Bhajan in 1968. Prior to this, Kundalini Yoga was something kept secret for thousands of years. Yogi Bhajan knew that this practice was needed for the people, to help them transition through the planets Piscean age, and into the Aquarian age – which we moved into in 2012.
A typical Kundalini Yoga practice consists of mantras, breath work and kriyas (set of physical postures). Most classes last 90 minutes, and include: tuning in, warm up exercises, a yoga kriya, relaxation, a meditation and tuning out. There are thousands of varieties of breaths, kriyas and meditations – which is why I find Kundalini so effective. It is as though there is a practice for whatever situation you find yourself in, or feel that you need. Every Kundalini Yoga class is different, and I have found myself experiencing something new and completely unique with every class I’ve ever been to.


The process of this yoga practice is to help unlock our Kundalini energy – the source of our unlimited potential. Throughout our lives, we carry this energy and undoubtedly have the ability to unleash it. We aim to do this so that we can experience our full capacity as a human being, and live the life that our soul truly came to experience. To me, this means undoing all of our inherited, ancestral karmas, patterns and habits, as well as the ones we’ve carried from past lives, and ones we’ve picked up during this one. By doing this, we remove our false layers and identities, so that we become freer and lighter, and rediscover who we really are.


During these times, there are so many of us feeling lost. We find ourselves searching for something beyond this ‘small’ human identity and reality that we’ve created. Usually, we begin this process by seeking something that will bring us fulfillment and change how we feel. Whether it’s alcohol, drugs, relationships etc. – we seem to be looking for something that will give us a feeling of ecstasy and wholeness, no matter how temporary or potentially destructive it may be. We do this, because inside we know that somehow, there is more to this human experience than our minds can comprehend.


When I discovered Kundalini Yoga, I discovered my ecstasy. Growing up in a reality where I felt alone, strange and different, it wasn’t until I discovered Kundalini Yoga that I truly felt at home within the world and myself. As soon as I began this practice, everything in my life seemed to make sense. Their teachings felt true to my soul, and filled my heart with joy. I instantly knew I had found my truth, and I knew I didn’t have to force or struggle my way to feeling whole anymore. I was connected to myself, to like-minded souls, and connected to my purpose in life.


My life has completely shifted since this journey began, and it has enabled me to discover and realise who I am, and what I am here to learn. It has been incredible for me to witness how my daily yoga practice has transformed my internal body, as well as my external life. Becoming a Kundalini Yoga teacher has been the greatest accomplishment in my life, as sharing this beautiful practice brings me happiness and fulfillment on so many levels. I love witnessing the joy that it brings to so many people around the world, and I am so grateful to be able to experience it with them.


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my qualifications

Level 1 Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training – Amrit Nam Sarovar School

Sat Nam.